Friday, November 2, 2018

Thought for the day - based on the I Ching

46 升

The marathon
A bamboo shoot pushes upward
An open road ahead
For a long journey
Build you stamina
Great good fortune comes to those who use this strategy

The journey to fulfill the full potential of your personal uniqueness is a long one and you must try to make good progress each day. Bamboo shoots are very powerful and can push stones aside, so here the question is not whether one can push ahead, but how far one can go. An open road is easy to progress on and you can go a long way, if you have the stamina; so stamina is vital. To increase you stamina you must ‘pace yourself’, graduate the power you use for each activity so that you are always warm and always moving, without being becoming tired and strained. Another problem with open roads is that they can be hypnotic. Whereas a winding track keeps one stimulated and focused the immediate future, an open road though easier, may seem endless. To alleviate monotony one needs positive thoughts to fill one’s mind, so that the time passes easily and the journey is pleasant.

The trigrams:

The upper trigram represents an open road and also relaxation.
The lower trigram represent a plant growing powerfully upwards.
Subtlety blending exertion with relaxation is the key to boundless and enduring energy.