Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Micro and macro random and their effects on you life

There are two kinds of randomness in life; macro and micro. Micro random governs the exact way one does something, like exactly where, how, when, whether or not, we do things. Most of this not important but, some minor choices or occurrences can have a big effect. Many favorable coincidences rely on you being at a particular place at a particular time and so do some accidents and other mishaps. Macro random is thinks like the weather, the stock market, or whether the internet works, and all things that happen over a large area are matters of macro random.
There is a big difference between the two. Macro random cannot readily be influenced; it just happens. Micro random on the other hand, is often the result of the way we project ourselves and so we can have consider control over whether something happens or not. There are a great many possible micro random events, only some of which will be activated. Macro will all occur regardless and it is only in the way we react to them that we have any control over.
Of course how the macro random affects us is often subject to micro random. Whether you go the beach the day the tsunami hits is a matter of micro random, but assuming you are already on the beach you are going to get hit regardless, though the micro random may still be decisive in exactly how you affected.
So, it is the micro random that need to understand and work with. Just how much can fate be altered by adjusting the micro random is an open question. It is well known that if you are positive and cheerful you are likely get a better a better response from people you deal with and this makes fortuitous events more likely; the opposite is true if you display a negative or hostile mood. Awareness and flexibility also can make a big difference. If you notice small things that seem favorable or otherwise and you are flexible enough to react to them the odds will shift in your favor over time.
The best way to control your micro random is to establish good habits of consciousness as a rule in your life. In this way you protect yourself against harm from both the macro and micro random and give you maximum chance of finding opportunity.