Thursday, May 19, 2011

Harvesting The Enegy Of The Six Spacial Dimensions

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The great advantage of being synthetic beings is that we can synthesize with objects and energies beyond our physical bodies. When we enter into synthesis we become that which we synthesize with and it becomes us. The world around us has massive amounts of latent sentient energy and we can learn to harness this energy and make it our own and so become recharged and revitalized. This is done by using the power of the will to alter the size of our sentient consciousness - making the totality of our being larger and smaller. When we expand the consciousness we can become 'one' with the energy outside our bodies and when we retract some of that energy comes back with our consciousness. It is very easy to do this, just sit down and allow your awareness to expand as far as you can, then use the power of intend to retract to your normal size. Just doing this will recharge you to some degree, but if you want a more profound and powerful charge a more sophisticated technique is required.
When we look at an object like a cube from the outside there are three dimensions, height, width, and depth. If we take the perspective of an object within the cube though, there are six dimensions; above, below, East, West, North South. Each of these dimension has particular qualities and by synthesizing with each in turn a really powerful dose of latent sentient energy can be absorbed. Working in this way also has the advantage of that it balances and harmonizes the totality of the self and the seals its boundaries.
To practice first sit cross legged, (if possible) and try to feel the totality of your self. This can be done by imagining an energy around your body about a foot out and shaped like an egg. First imagine it and then try to really feel it and your whole body as part of this field, your mind, body and emotion all blended together in a single synthesis of being. Next, imagine a door has opened beneath you and try to extend your being downwards in to the earth, try to 'become' the whole of planet, first using imagination and then feeling. After a few seconds use the power of your will to draw the energy back into the original egg shape and close the door. Try to feel the difference that the earth energy has made to your consciousness. The earth is the giver of life and of form, it also gives the love of all things and now this is part of you.
Next, open the door above your head and reach high above the sky and into outer space, try to feel the galaxies, and than become the galaxies. Above us is where inspiration comes from, also the law of the universe, the meaning of life. Use your will to draw this power back into the totality of yourself and close the door. You can imagine the power from above as silver dust, the dust of dreams that can become realities.
From the North, comes coolness and detachment it is also the 'lode stone' and helps you find your path in life. Open the door to the North, become the North and bring it back close the door. Continue with the same process in each of the remaining directions.
The South is fiery and has passion, it gives the power of commitment. The West gives the power intuitive knowledge, like the wind that that goes all places, it also gives the sense of freedom.
The last dimension, the East  gives renewal, as its nature is like the morning sun or the spring. The best way to end is with a beginning.
The East is where the 'ratchet' is put in place and each time you return to the East you must feel stronger an more vital ready for the next round. Without the 'ratchet; it is very easy to drift happily without making any real progress. Without progress, however pleasant your experience, you not be able to evolve and that which does not evolve must die.
At first don't worry if your concentration is not that good, as long as you get more power into your being at the end than you had at the beginning this is all that matters. With power comes the ability to get more power and as you practice your technique will improve allow you to collect more energy per session. This is important as we all get weaker with age and you will need more and more energy from outside to compensate.
You may find that negative emotions arise while practising, try to ignore these as much as possible. I have a tecnique for dealing with such emotions, but it must practiced seperately. I will be posting that soon

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