Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Latent Sentient Energy

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 In order to achieve the advanced levels of consciousness we need extra energy, above and beyond that which we can obtain from eating and breathing. It does not matter how perfect your diet is, or how deeply you breath you never get enough power to obtain enlightenment. Fortunately, the world around is like one giant battery super charged with a plethora of different energies and we are capable of absorbing some of these. In particular, something I call 'latent sentient energy', which is an energy similar to that found in sentient life forms. This is a subtle energy hard to detect using machines, but our perceptive powers are quite capable of discerning it. I have developed a technique for 'harvesting' this energy, which I call 'consciousness breathing', or energy gathering. The technique employs the ability of our sentient consciousness to 'synthesize' with things and energies beyond our physical bodies (as explain in last posting). Our sentient consciousness is the cohesive force that binds the disparate parts that make up our overall being together, and as such is our true self, the totality, or the unity of being. Sentient consciousness can be expanded and retracted at will, when it expands it encompasses all in its radius and synthesizes with whatever may be present , in this case the latent sentient energy that is in abundance all around us. When it retracts the sentient consciousness will bring some of that latent sentient energy with it and this can be condensed and 'packaged' into the totality of body, mind and emotions. This increases the cohesive power of the totality of being, which in turn harmonizes and invigorates all the organs, senses and emotions simultaneously.
When this tecnique is applied systematically, using  'sentient edge' and 'sentient shift' (describe in first posting) then a 'ratchet' action of continuos consciouness enhancement will bring steady,consistent and profound gains in personal evolution.

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