Monday, May 23, 2011

Meditation for The Totality of the Self, Gathering Energy, and Strengthening the Perfect Self Image

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Once you have read and understood the basic theory it is time begin your practice. This first meditation requires at least fifteen minutes, though you can do it as long as you like. Sitting cross legged in an upright posture is ideal, but if this is not possible then any position you are comfortable in will do fine. You should be facing east, or the direction the sun rises in, which actually varies with the seasons, however there is no need to be precise.

Begin by becoming aware of the totality of the self; to do this you need feel the space around your body as if it was an egg about half a meter out from your skin. You need to feel this 'egg' and all the space within it as one unity that contains not only your physical body, but your thoughts, and emotions as well. Feeling yourself as a 'whole' is vital as this is your 'true self', a synthesis of parts rather than any one part in particular. You must learn to hold this and not let your any physical  sensations, thoughts or emotions dominate and so destroy the balance of your totality. The next stage is to extent the boundary of your totality and this is done in one direction at a time.
The first direction is down into the earth beneath you. Imagine a 'door' or 'hatch' in your totality directly under you and open that hatch. Feel the whole earth and try to make it 'part of you', synthesize with it, then using the whole of your being, draw the earth up into your totality and close the door. The earth is the source of vitality and the love of all things, and some of this energy has now entered into your totality. Feel your being as an 'egg' again and try to sense any change in its quality.
Next open the door above your head and reach with your totality into outer space. The energy is strange and and gives inspiration, it is also where the 'law of the universe' come from. It can be imagined as fine sparkling dust, dream dust, that makes dreams come true. Draw the dream dust into your being and close the door carefully. Each time you close the door you should feel the 'elastic' quality of of edge of your consciousness becoming stronger and better defined.
Open the door to North, which will be on your left. Become one with the North and its energy, which is cool and gives detachment. Draw the North in and close the door. At each stage try to feel any changes in the totality of yourself. Then open to the South, the direction of passionate commitment. When you close the door to the south try to find the axis between North and South, Up and Down, this should be a diamond shape. Holding the axis, open the door the West, the direction of intuition, the draw its power into your totality.
The final direction is East, which is the direction of renewal and so end at the beginning.
For the second round you must find your 'perfect self image' floating in the totality of the self as if in a cocoon. Feel the beauty of the perfect self image which has no mental emotional or physical flaws.  The eyes are important and they must clear, straight and honest. The face free from lines of care, the heart pure, filled with and desire to help. The two 'old' brains, at the base of the skull and base of the spine are important too and here you should feel an bounded confidence and the sense of many happy and meaningful days to come. The perfect self is free from scepticism, cynicism, duplicity, or other defilement's.
As you practice gathering energy from the six directions this energy fills the cocoon of the totality of self and nourishes the perfect self image which grows stronger each time you practice. Using sentient edge to to nourish the perfect self in this way will create a sentient shift, a change from what you have been towards your perfected self. You should be able to feel a slight shift after about half an hour, but this is only a temporary shift and in order to make a real shift you need to practice for about a hour a day for ten days.

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