Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Perfected Self Image - The Foundation of Consciousness Evolution

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The totality of the self is the cohesive force that binds the disparate parts of your being together. It is  egg shaped and surrounds your body about half meter out. Within this totality, an image as born and grows, this is the self image, the spirit,or soul. A piece of music has an overall 'feel' which is it's totality, but within that are parts and the way the parts combine gives the specific character of the piece. The self images is like the parts, it gives detail to your being and defines what you are.The totality is 'you' as a feeling, the self image is 'you' as a design.
In order to evolve your consciousness you need a beautiful and stable self image. The self image of an untrained person is somewhat chaotic and changes from day to day.Things you experience affect the self image and sometimes it is big and confident, something small and scared, sometimes happy, sometimes sad.
In addition, the self image is affected by age, young people have young self images, old people, old self images and this is no use as a foundation for evolved consciousness.

In order to build a stable self image the age and condition must never change. Unlike inanimate objects we are programed to age, a cliff is worn away by the sea, but in us aging is according to our 'genetic build obsolesance'. We have no idea how we would live or remain young if there were no aging program, but it would certainly be a lot longer than we can expect at present.
The aging program is set to a specific point, a point which you 'grow to' and 'decline from' - this point can be called perfect adulthood. Perfect adulthood is the only stable point in the genetic aging program, it is also the only stable point for the mind and emotions as well. The body, mind and emotions all synchronise to the point of perfect adulthood, somewhere between 17- 19 years old. The actual reallity of what someone is like at that age is irrelevant, you could miserable, fat and covered with spots, the principle of perfection remains unchanged.

People often talk about how we must 'live in the real world', by which they mean the physicality of society. Yet, physical reality is never the master as it must alway obey the laws of physics and the laws of physics are invisilbe. This is why allowing physical reality to be your master is a fools game.

In order to develop a perfected self image one must first learn to forget the self image that is based on external experience and age. When I look in the mirror the face I see is not my self image and this is disconcerting until you get used to it. The physical self has a meaning, but it must never be the master as the master must be based on perfection and reality is never perfect. I takes time and practice to separate the two but it well worth the effort.

The power gathering techniques I have been showing you are extremely effective and they will increase the power of your consciousness greatly, but this can be dangerous. Power increases and exaggerates all that it touches, and if the self image has too much anger say, then adding power will only make the individual more aggressive. Ultimately, power applied to an imperfect self image will create a freak or even a monster. This is why one's power and self image must be developed in tandem right from the beginning. As you practice, your power becomes greater and your self image more harmonious and beautiful.

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