Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sentient Consciousness - The 'Synthetic' Self

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We are synthetic beings, composed of different elements that 'synthesize' and become one. The elements are: The physical, the mental, the emotional, and the overall sentient consciousness. Each of these elements are quite different in nature and can only be held to together by the cohesive power of sentient consciousness. The very molecules in a sentient being are longer and more complicated than can exist in the inorganic world. The physical body is dependant on consciousness and once consciousness departs it instantly become unstable and decays.
The mind is and the emotions are distinct from each in that the mind perceives but does not feel, the emotions feel, but not perceive. The function of the mind is firstly to recognize and remember, this is perception, secondly to ponder and speculates, this is thought. The emotions respond to both what the mind perceives and thinks. We need to separate these elements so that we can understand their and bring them into ever greater harmony.
Our well-being and ability to function is determined by the cohesive power the  sentient consciousness. This is what keeps us alive and causes us to develop. If the sentient consciousness is weak, we have all manner of mental, physical and emotional problems - we feel sick and miserable. If it is strong no problem is beyond our ability, our bodies are strong, our minds clear and we feel good. The aim my sentient consciousness marathon is to train, strengthen and develop the sentient consciousness to a higher of cohesive power.
The body, mind and emotions are completely dependant on each other and on the sentient consciousnesss, they function as a 'team' or not at all. 
The sentient consciousness has been evolving for billions of years in countless organisms and in humans it has learnt how to synthesize with objects beyond the body (other animals can do this, but too a much lesser degree.). This is what enables us to use tools with great precision and sensitivity - the tool becomes an extension of our sentient consciousness. Not just the tool itself either, the work that tool accomplishes. The artist's brush is an extensions of his body, mind, and emotions and so is his painting. The degree and depth of the synthesize defines the ability and quality of all work that is produced by using tools.
This ability to synthesize with objects and spaces ( a canvas is a space) beyond the body has profound implications as it is a 'two way process - The tool is empowered by the user and the user is empowered by the tool. What I am doing is to take this to the next logical level which is to synthesis with things that are not tools. It is possible to move the sentient consciousness beyond the body without it entering into a tool.The world around us is buzzing with energy, energy that we can benefit from, if we harness it. To do this one must 'stretch' the sentient consciousness beyond the confines of the body and to synthesis with the energy in the space around us. Then the sentient consciousness is retracted and some of the energy from the space around us comes back with it - this is what I call 'consciousness breathing', or 'energy gathering'. Energy gathered in this way directly strengthens the cohesive power of the sentient consciousness; in other words, it enhances all your physical, mental and emotional faculties simultaneously.
When applied systematically using the principles of 'sentient edge' and 'sentient shift' to create a 'rachet' effect (described in last posting), then the possibilities for the evolution of consciousness are limitless

 The world around us is filled with the energy that is very similer to the energy that of sentient

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