Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sentient Edge and Sentient Shift - The Basic Tools Of All Sentient Evolution

Video Version (Link)All sentient evolution results from the application of 'sentient edge' and 'sentient shift'. 'Sentient' edge means to use the power of intent to do something persistently and beyond normal limits. If 'sentient edge' is applied long enough a 'sentient shift' occurs and this a permanent or semi permanent change. For example; a bodybuilder uses 'sentient edge' when working out. By continuing to work out hard everyday for a sustained period, say a month, the body will change, the muscles becoming larger. This change is semi permanent, but if a second month of training follows the previous months gains will become permanent. This is a 'ratchet' effect, and each subsequent month of training firstly secures the previous months gains and makes a fresh 'semi permanent' gain. Over many years a very impressive physique can be achieved.
In terms of species development, take anteaters. Anteaters come from some all purpose smallish mammal that probably ate whatever they could find. Some individuals find that ants are good to eat and plentiful. However, eating ants is a lot of work, and to get enough food the animal must go beyond its normal limits of effort each day, 'sentient edge'. As the Milena drift by the proto anteaters spend more and time eating and 'sentient edge' leads to a long series of 'sentient shifts' and longer noses. A new strain slowly becomes a new species.
Sentient edge and sentient shift are the basis of my consciousness evolution techniques. I have found that for consciousness, the minimum time that sentient edge can lead to a sentient shift is ten days - consciousness being capable of changing faster than biology.

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