Friday, May 27, 2011

The Universal Self - A 'not doing' meditation

After you have found the totality of the self and begun to create the perfect self image, or uncorrupted self you are ready to become aware of the universal self. The totality of the self is the cohesive, synthetic quality that holds the disparate parts that make up a living being together. It is like a large egg, or cocoon that surrounds the physical body about half a meter out.  Within this cocoon the uncorrupted, perfect self image self grows and becomes defined. The universal self is the size of the entire known universe.
In order to comprehend the universal self a different kind of meditation is required. The techniques I have been teaching so far have been ‘doing’ meditations, the technique I will now reveal is a ‘not doing’ meditation.
There are four level of consciousness; awareness, observation, focus and intention. Awareness is the weakest and broadest level potentially encompassing all data that any of the sense organs can pick up. Awareness runs in the background and only alerts you if a change occurs, a sudden sound or movement and the next level of consciousness kicks in; observation. To observe is to monitor and check an area that is broad, but not as broad as the field of awareness. Focus is has a much smaller field and checks in great detail: for example while driving, one should aware of the entirety of the road condition and the sides of the road, the weather and so on. One should observe the road far ahead for obstruction and the rear view mirrors for anything coming up fast from behind; however the focus must always be fixed on the road immediately ahead. The fourth level, intention is only used when a change has to be made; I am aware of my hand, I observe my hand, I focus upon my hand, but nothing happens – if I want to move my hand I must use the power of intention.
In consciousness breathing the power of intention is used draw in energy from the world around us. In meditation upon the universal self we do not use intention, only awareness, observation and focus and this is true of all ‘not doing’ meditations.
In universal self meditation awareness is switched to its broadest possible field, the entirely of the known universe. Observation is of the totality of the self and the uncorrupted self, while focus is upon the breathing.
As well as being broad the field of awareness should be more detailed than usual; ei you are ‘aware’ of your awareness, rather than merely ‘aware’. Observation should monitor everything that occurs within the totality of the self, all thoughts, emotions bodily sensations ect. Keeping the focus narrow and on the breathing allows the rest of the consciousness to range free and helps to suppress distracting thoughts and emotional attachments.
Three ‘self’s’ are a bit like those Russian dolls made one inside the other, and all identical accept for in size. This is not something that you can comprehend fully with rational mind and so you can neither focus, nor observe it, only the trained awareness can encompass such massive reality concepts. We are all individuals and yet we are all made in the image of the universal. This meditation does not  increase your power, but it gives you a sense of freedom, freedom from the need to try ‘to be’ anything in particular, but allows to just float in the great sea of universal love. 

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