Friday, June 17, 2011

Is your consciousness evolving? Measure your development

What does evolution of consciousness mean in practice?

Before we look at what is evolution of consciousness it may be easier to define ‘reverse’ evolution of consciousness. The reason for this is simple; there are many examples of reverse evolution of consciousness and few of evolution of consciousness in the world today.
Reverse evolution of consciousness can broadly be gauged against the evolution of technology, as technology has advance consciousness has retreated. The hominids we evolved from were already using technology to survive and so our race has always been dependant on technology, however basic, since we became a species; we are technology obligate ground apes. When the development of technology started to interfere with the evolution of our consciousness is less certain, but it is a long time ago and that is all we need to know in terms of this study.
Reverse evolution of consciousness involves human beings becoming narrowly focused on a smaller number of perceived possibilities. In simple terms what people define as ‘the real world’ is becoming a smaller and smaller. The definition of ‘real world’ now relates almost entirely mechanically observable and programmable definitions and people rely on machines to define their world. Human qualities like, love, trust, friendship, are less and less required, as things are increasingly ‘verified’ and contracted. Love is almost exclusively restricted to a tiny number of intimately related individuals, and many people don’t actually have any one they love. In days gone by that I can remember even it was not like this and people in the working classes at least (the middle and upper classes have always been the leaders in reverse evolution) had large extended families who they loved, loved to the point that they were prepared to help them when in trouble and put up with when they were difficult. In some countries, like where I live in Thailand, this is still true, though it is decline and remorseless hand of negative evolution sweeps cold and cruel even in this tropical land.
Friendship has been degraded to what used to called ‘acquaintanceship’ or people one knows, considers ‘useful’ to know, and possibly enjoys socializing with, but owes no commitment whatsoever. Love has becomes a commodity, friendship an investment, and this is a clear case of reverse evolution of consciousness. Love, trust, friendship should be seen as exercises in spiritual development as these qualities are dynamic and in shaping the world and creating the future. The more people and things we really love, the happier everybody feels, because in our hearts we all yearn to love and be loved above all else. In addition, loving only a few people means that the odds of disappointment greatly increase. If you have a broad base of real friends, and a substantial extended family then if someone goes away or dies, the suffering is much less. By increasing the power of love within ourselves we are ‘forced’ to evolve as love ever creates new challenges. Trust is the same, more we trust others, the more others trust us, the power of trust is a great and wonderful thing that throws up constant and meaningful challenges. It is common for people today to state ‘I don’t trust anyone’, it used to be that only criminals, spys, and other degraded individuals thought like this. If you trust no one, who is going to trust you? If you don’t love anyone who is going to love you? If you care about anyone who is going to be want to be your friend?

So now we have the first measures of evolution of consciousness - how many people and things can you love? The great warriors of peace love all people and so this must be the model. How much trust do you extend to others and them to you? How many people do care about enough to call friends? As an individual in times of declining consciousness it is very hard, as being the only one, who loves, trusts, and cares makes you venerable. However, it is not what other people do say or think that counts, only what you do. You need to free yourself from taking responsibility for the bad grace others. If your good intentions are rejected or exploited that is not your problem as you were trying to do what was right. This is a great challenge to your ability to evolve new strategies for continuing to love, trust and care, in a world where others do not. Difficult indeed but what is the choice? If don’t try you will de-evolve, becoming an increasingly lower grade of being. In addition, you will be breaking the law of universe which demands that you evolve. This is the death of ten thousand cuts as all your noble, decent and meaningful qualities are steadily remorselessly degraded until you are old bitter, filled with remorse, afraid to live and more afraid still to die. Surely, given that all must die anyway it is better to go down in glory, head held high with the knowledge that you have evolved to maximum you were capable off and never gave way to the cynical and despairing creed of empty materialism.
If we take this to next level down, altruism comes from love, honor comes from trust, and loyalty come friendship. If remove love, trust, and friendship, then altruism, honor and loyalty become pointless exercises – unless of course (as I do) you consider your personal evolution to be more important than another consideration. This is the key to restarting the evolution of consciousness. By committing yourself to the evolution of consciousness as your primary goal and the meaning of your life you make a small but extremely potent statement, a statement that will reverberate through all who come into contact with you and through them to countless others. By changing your life in this way will become a beacon of hope in a land of darkness. You must never underestimate your power to change the world as  if you have the Law of the Universe, the Law of God on your side are no longer one feeble individual, but a powerful contender in the battle for truth, love and evolution.
I have given you the knowledge of the true nature of life and it is now up to you to make it reality. Be warned though once you accept the premise that the meaning of is the evolution of consciousness there is no turning back. Reality, in terms of human existence is truly what you, I, we all, make it. There are myriads of models to choose from, the power of reverse evolution lies in persuading people that there is only one god, Mammon. If allow yourself to be part of a world that degenerating because you knew no better you have at least na├»ve innocence on your side. If know and then fail to act you are fully culpable. Evil and reverse evolution is one and same. To give to your allegiance  to Mammon is to be evil.

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