Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kundalini Yoga with Super Power Mantra

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Kundalini Yoga with Super Power Mantra

Kundalini Yoga is the powerfully stimulating form of yoga as it uses fast breathing (you can see the exercises of my YouTube channel). By combining this fast breathing with a super power mantra you get the ultimate Yoga high. I look at quite a lot of Yoga on the web and the thing I notice is that most people just concentrate on the posture and movements. This is good for the technique and some of the people are very high standard indeed. However, I like to practice Yoga as a path to enlightenment and concentrating upon the physical does not help in this quest. In order to achieve enlightenment we need to break the attachment of the emotions to the mundane, physical reality and we cannot do this while concentrating on the body, which is or course a mundane object.
Mantras are a form of internal dialog that be used used to link the emotions to the sublime. The emotions are stronger than the mind and extremely elastic and sticky. They attach strongly to images, thoughts and memories that are in the mind. The emotions can even stimulate memories and so dominate our thoughts. However, the emotions have a weakness and that is that they know only what the mind shows them. Once you are sitting in a relatively quiet place with your eyes closed your emotions only have memories and the internal dialog to attach themselves to. The art of using a mantra is focus the mind only on thoughts that are linked to the infinite and so the emotions in turn become linked to the sublime. What is infinite in finite world? That's simple, the laws that govern all transient manifestations are eternal - the universe is temporary in nature but the laws of physics are eternal.
The most powerful words in the internal dialog are: I, me, I am, I have. Using these words will link your emotions instantly and powerfully to what follows them. With repetition this link becomes profound as well as powerful. So we will start the mantra with:

I am Perfect

Imagine\Feel the your perfect self image, which is the image against which all imperfection is measured. Without perfection imperfection cannot exist. This image carries all the details of your physical being written in  'Abstract' the language of the infinite, the language of God. This image is the same shape as your physical being, but perfect in all alignments and just a little bigger.

I am Whole - Imagine/Feel,  the totality of your being as a synthesis, cohesive, and unified the details of your being no longer relevant. This image is the size of your aura, egg shaped about half a meter from your physical body.

I am Universal – Imagine/Feel yourself as the 'Universal Being', for this is the magic of being. Although each of us is a unique individual we are also manifestations of the Universal and so are both unique and identical at the same time.

Next we move to 'I have', ownership.

The Vitality of the Earth (beneath me) is mine, I am Vital.

The Inspiration of the Stars (above) is mine, I am the Inspired

The Cool, Detachment of the North (left) is mine, I am Detached

The Passionate Comittment of the South (right) is mine, I am Commited

The Knowledge of the West (intuition) is mine, I know all things.

The Renewal of the East is mine, I am Renewed.


I am Sublime

Begin again.

You have to really link you emotions to these qualities with greater force each cycle and continue in one pose for 5- 10 minutes. Do 6-8 positions in a set lasting 30- 60 minutes. You need to know when to stop and this can take practice; if you finish too sooner you will not have any real effect; if you finish too late when you will got have tired you may lose the effect you have worked so hard for. Remember the rules of Sentient edge and Sentient shift. Sentient edge means to push that bit harder than you want to so that you make a sentient shift. This is the ratchet action that is the key to successful consciousness evolution.


  1. The objective of kundalini yoga is the Creation and consciousness can never be separated from each other when they are in a state of manifestation; Shiva & sakti are present in all of the tattvas (elements) of the universe. In the human body, the pure consciousness, siva is present in the highest center of the cerebral cortex, called sahasrara. Conscious power, sakti is located in the lowest center of the spinal card, called muladhara.

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