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Link yourself directly to the universal being - Free your sublime self from the prison of pyramidal society

The consciousness of the human race probably stopped evolving around the time we started building pyramids. Whether the pyramid builders really shared a common origin is lost in the bowels of history, but the idea of building pyramids is so obvious that they probably did not need to be. What is the most durable and unchanging of all things in nature? - A mountain. First, people built mounds to symbolize stability and continuity, the power of cohesiveness of the tribe. Mounds did not only symbolize stability though, they also symbolized a hierarchical power structure. This hierarchy was both was secular and religious, the levels of the mound symbolized the ‘chain of command’ with chief at the top and slaves at the bottom The top of the mound symbolized the accent to heaven and so the link between social status and heavenly blessing was confirmed in one simple structure. As time went by tribes became ‘civilizations’ which required more refined forms of mound for their symbols. The pyramids of Giza are the ultimate in pyramid design with their subtle geometry and consummate construction. Yet, the all pyramids however refined and beautiful, are the products of brutal repression and the very idea of the ‘pyramidal’ society is fundamentally flawed. 
As a physical structure the pyramid is extremely stable, but pyramidal societies are anything but stable. The reason for this is simple; of we look at the wealth in a pyramidal society we see that forms an upside down pyramid, with most of the capital at the top. An upside down pyramid is about the least stable structure possible and this is why pyramidal societies are doomed to collapse in time. Modern democracies are a refinement of the pyramidal principle that were created to offset this instability. Democracies are slightly more stable, but only slightly and the fundamental problem remains, as a civilization ages more and more of the wealth is concentrated at the top and no one has managed to invent a way to correct this (in fact few ever even tried, as no one with money will countenance such an idea)
The reason this is linked to the evolution of consciousness is simple. The evolution of consciousness requires that the unique and individual qualities of each member of the human race be equally valued and developed to maximum potential. There is no ‘chain of command’ in the evolution of consciousness, just people sharing ideas and growing together. To evolve we must each of us realize our personal and direct link to the divine, not our link through another person, no matter how exalted or noble that person may be. This is why the great religions of the world will never foster the evolution of consciousness, as they are all pyramidal in structure. I am a Buddhist and I love Buddhism, but I know that it only maintains a noble tradition and can never evolve. This is because the finest Buddhist who lived was the Buddha and in terms of consciousness evolution it has been down hill ever since.
So, what can be done to correct this most fundamental of all human dilemmas and save our race as we career toward Armageddon? The pages on this site are devoted to techniques for evolving your consciousness and showing you how liberate your own unique and wonderful nature from within the spiritual coffin it has been confined by the curse of pyramids.

How can the individual triumph against the crushing power of the pyramid? With difficulty, is the obvious answer, but ‘with difficulty’ is better than no chance at all. The answer lies in the nature of reality itself and reality how we perceive it. These are actually two completely different things, though most people seldom if ever consider this. The physical reality of matter and energy can be perceived in many different ways. We share the physical world with ants but they do not see the world in the same that we do. The way we perceive reality has developed with our evolution and is in layers, the first layer is our basic species specific survival needs, awareness of food sources, awareness of danger and so on. Survival perception is overlaid with a vast and colorful array of cultural perceptions. In all except those who still survive directly off nature, cultural perceptions dominate and control their perceptions. Perceptions govern peoples thinking and emotions, blind in themselves, attach themselves to both the products of both thoughts and perceptions. This means that whole of our emotional and cognitive processes are based cultural perceptions which are in many cases have nothing much to do with physical realty or even survival – in others word we life in perceptual sub universe and passes for ‘reality’, but is really is little more than an elaborate fantasy. What defines fantasy from reality?  In term of cultural perceptions what matters is the provenance of an idea, in other words, where did the idea come from, and how long has is been accepted – that’s all there is to it. People will believe and act upon any notion that has come from they consider to be a reliable source and has been around for reasonably long time. In terms of our perception of our own personal nature this is even more striking; people consider that other people’s perception of them is more important than the way they see themselves.
What constitutes a ‘reliable’ source? anyone well known to the public will be ‘reliable’ source at least for some people, truly universal ‘reliable sources’ are harder to find, but this does matter as there are concepts that are practically universally accepted. With universally accepted concepts it is the number of prominent people who accept and the length of time they have been accepted that determines how prevalent they are. The ‘work ethic’ is pretty much universally accepted in the US and Europe. The work ethic states that one should work as hard as you can and be as competitive as possible at all times. Where I live in Thailand the work ethic is a recent introduction and the older and more prevalent ethic is to do as little as you can to get by allowing maximum time with family and friends, you might call this the ‘family ethic’. In countries where the family ethic rules, people have big families and large extended family and friend networks. In place where the work ethic is prevalent people have small ‘nuclear families’.
The point I am making is that our cultural perceptions control our lives as if they were true realities where as in fact they merely customs and custom that can and do change – sometime changing ‘before your eyes’ as in the spread modern western culture. The same is even truer of the way you perceive yourself, what you think you are and what you really are, are not necessarily the same thing at all.
All pyramidal societies demand that those at the lower end of the pyramid accept lower self images than those at the top. This is a totally impersonal way and absurd way of assessing personal reality. All cultural perceptions are self enforcing programs that once established in the individual begin the change their character to suit the perceived reality.
There have been numerous studies to prove this; people set to play a role usually play it according the cultural norms they are acquainted with. Poor people habitually grumble about the ‘selfish’ behavior of the rich, but give them money and soon show the same ‘selfish’ qualities they were grumbling about. The common mistake is to believe that this is ‘human nature’ and human beings are fundamentally like this. Fundamental human nature can be many things, but it is the cultural perceptions that define how people actually behave. If the perceived ‘reality’ for rich people was that they should be extremely generous and unselfish then virtually anyone given money would behave like this. The idea that if you are rich you should guard every penny is a self reinforcing cultural perception. By hording money the rich create poverty, which leads to jealousy and potentially violence on the part of ‘have not’s’. To be fair it is extremely hard for any one rich individual to change this without being prepared to give up ‘what is theirs by right’, as they will usually perceive it.

For those of us trying to promote consciousness evolution this presents difficulties but also a great opportunities. The great strength of cultural perceptions lies in convincing each individual member of society that they are true, absolute and firmly based on provable reality. Break free from this believe in your life and you have taken the first step to becoming an agent of evolution rather than an agent of decay. However, we must beware of becoming anarchic in our personal perceptions. The reason the human race has got into such difficulties is because it is has allowed cultural perceptions to based on all manner of spurious notions, the number one being the ‘stability’ of the pyramidal societies. It is no use replacing one falsehood with another.

That is why I propose the concept of that meaning of life, is the evolution of consciousness is the perfect basis both for self development and a perfect society. As I can see it is the only unassailable and eternal truth that applies to all creation. The next concept I propose is that the ‘Monad’ rather than the pyramid should be the basic model for human society. To define what I mean by Monad, the first concept is of those Russian dolls that are identical except in size in fit one inside another.  This gives the idea of individual beings equal, while recognizing that that in terms of achievement some are ‘larger’ than others. This concept can be extended to the spiritual dimension as well. Imagine the entirety of space and time as being one great sentient being, God, godhead, universal being. Imagine that all sentient beings including ourselves are miniature versions of the Universal Being.
In addition to being replicas, each being is bestowed with a unique and wonderful individuality which is its most precious treasure. This individuality is a seed that can evolve and reproduce making further divine copy’s that are also unique individuals.
In terms of society this would mean a cellular structure of small interrelated groups, families of individuals, each individual being able to be part of more than one group. This is somewhat different from the communist type cell which is closed with only one, or two members having any knowledge of other cells. The communist model being designed for subversion, not for the evolution of consciousness.
The beauty of the Monad society is that is can be organized from the individual up without hierarchy whatsoever. If someone reading this decides to life according to the principle; the meaning of life is the evolution of consciousness, then they become a functioning monad. Their cultural perception will alter, subtly at first, but if they continue they develop their unique cultural identity. If they join with others they become a cell, the evolution of cell will find its own unique path. As long the basic principles are followed evolution will do the rest. To restate the basic principles are:
1. The evolution of consciousness is the meaning of life
2. That all within the Monad (the Monad here meaning all who follow the first principle) are equal, unique and wonderful beings.

How to adopt and create new cultural perceptions. Creating cultural perceptions is easy enough, all need is a clear idea of the perception you wish to create and plenty of patience. Cultural perceptions become real by virtue of repetition, whether they make any sense is quite irrelevant as far as successful genesis goes – though of having ideas that make sense is vital when if you want to evolve successfully. The more you think about the idea you have in mind the more real it becomes to you. Naturally the first cultural perception you should contemplate is; The meaning of life is the evolution of consciousness. This statement is a cultural perception, but beyond that also a universal truth.
Think about this until it becomes a reality in your mind, a reality by which you use as a mark by which to judge other cultural perceptions. Once you started to this you have already become an Evolving Monad and as such a unique and wonderful being made in the image of the Universal Sentient Being, or God. This is next perception you should adopt. Read this blog for further ideas of new cultural perceptions you might like to adopt and turn into realities.
Naturally as a unique and wonderful being you have the right to create your own cultural perceptions, but if you wish to be a true and noble Evolving Monad, your ideas must be in line the two basic principles stated above. It doesn’t matter whether your ideas are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ just that they are sincere, mistakes sincerely made can be sincerely corrected – that’s what evolution is all about.

Abiding in the love that ever endures

Brother Diamond

(your comments, favorable or otherwise are all most welcome)

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  1. I have come to learn how to evolve consciousness because my inner guidance would not let me undergo the brutality of convention medicine for treatment of a potentially terminal illness 10 years ago. I was afraid I would die but I couldn't ignore my guidance. The journey back to health, though a slow one, has brought me to the same understanding you have articulated in this post. The work I do now, is a calling to assist people with a method I learned, to heal themselves and this planet through consciousness. I know what you say is truth because I remembered a "knowing" I had when I was 8 years old. I was lying on the front lawn looking up into the starry sky and knew that I was more than this body. All those that can assist in evolving consciousness are needed to help the rest along. Nothing else seems to be improving the conditions here.