Monday, June 13, 2011

Maximize your Yoga/Kundalini/chi gong with ‘Sentient Edge’ and ‘Sentient Shift’ training program

Video Version (Link) The difference between steadily getting stronger and more profound technique and just getting by, or even slow decline may not be that much taken day by day. OK for a short burst you can ‘work like crazy, and make great progress but as the weeks turn into months and years, it gets harder to tell if you really progressing or not.
Spiritual physical disciplines can take you to great heights of power and insight, but need to make all your training count and steadily ratchet up your progress.  I have designed the ‘sentient edge’ sentient shift’ program to ensure that this happens.
What do I mean by ‘Sentient edge’ and ‘sentient shift’?
All sentient evolution results from the application of 'sentient edge' and 'sentient shift'. 'Sentient' edge means to use the power of intent to do something persistently and to the very ‘edge’ of your ability. If 'sentient edge' is applied long enough a 'sentient shift' occurs, this is a profound change that affects very biology of an organism.
In terms of species development, take anteaters. Anteaters diverged from insectivores, little fury insects eaters, see link for history (genealogy of anteaters). Some individuals find that ants are good to eat and plentiful. However, eating ants is a lot of work, and to get enough food the animal must go to ‘edge’ of its ability each day to get enough nourishment, this is 'sentient edge'. As the Milena drift by the proto anteaters spend more and time eating and 'sentient edge' leads to a long series of 'sentient shifts' and longer noses. In time a new and distinct strain becomes a species and eventually a whole type of animal.
For a more practical example; a bodybuilder uses 'sentient edge' when working out. By pushing to the very ‘edge’ of what can be lifted each session for a sustained period, say a month, the body will change, the muscles becoming larger. This change is semi permanent, but if a second month of training follows, then the previous month’s gains will become permanent and a second level of semi permanent gain will be made. This is a 'ratchet' effect, and each subsequent month of training firstly secures the previous months gains and makes a fresh 'semi permanent' gain. Over many years a very impressive physique can be achieved.
Applying ‘sentient edge/shift to physical/ spiritual disciplines makes it possible to develop to your full potential and have a beautiful supple body and enjoy a relaxed, cheerful consciousness with powerful concentration. The physical part is easy, check exactly what exercises you can perform and how well you can perform them, if you have access to a camera or better still a video, use this to ‘set you standard’. Train for ten days as many times as you can and then check your progress. You should able to perform all the exercises better than at the beginning and in addition should add something new to the routine. If you haven’t made progress in ten days try for another ten, if you haven’t made progress in a month, you routine is not working and you should change it.
As well as physical progress you should make mental/spiritual progress, though this is harder to gauge. Building concentration is essentially like muscle building, except concentration is measured by length; how long can you go on each exercise without getting distracted?  Another important factor is mood; how good do you feel when practicing? You should be able to detach yourself from various worries during your practice and this ability should increase to a degree that is clearly noticeable over ten days of good solid effort. You set up criteria of your own as you think best. 
Again if don’t any progress over thirty days something is is wrong, you are either not working enough, your practice needs to have some additional element or it is not suited to you as an individual. There is no point in just ‘grinding away’ at practice that is not working as you waste more than just time; your ‘faith’ in yourself and your discipline are also at stake. You need you need ‘faith’ for all mental and spiritual disciplines, but faith must be well placed and just because something works well for other people it doesn’t mean it work out well for you. That is why keeping a careful check on your progress is essential. Do not be afraid to try different disciplines until you find the right path your personal self development, just make sure try each thoroughly before deciding on its value. Once you are on the right path over the years, you can use sentient edge and sentient to ratchet up your body and mind to heights you would not have believed possible.
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