Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Psychic self defense from Emotional Dumping and Energy Vampires

We all know about the vampires of popular culture and their charming drinking habits, but there is another type of vampire that is never seen in the movies or in popular fiction - the energy vampire
However, before we discuss vampires it would be helpful to quickly consider the nature of human energy. Humans are basically chemical batteries turning producing various forms of energy, principally electricity an heat. We also kick a big out a field of electro magnetic energy. There are other subtler energies that are harder to measure, but all energies have some things in common - they move from the greater to the lesser. Now to make energy is an effort, you have to buy food and eat while breathing in plenty of oxygen. There a lot of really complicated chemical processes that must take place and there is a limit to how much energy you can get from that food. If you eat more you don't get more energetic, you get fat. If you breath more and more you get hyper ventilated.  Now, most people would like to have more energy than they have, so  they can do all the things they have to and have plenty left to party. Energy vampires are people who have learned they can supplement the energy they get from by absorbing ready processed energy from another person.. It is one of the most basic forms of theft and possible the template for all theft.
The flow of energy from one person to another is something we are all aware of. If you spend time with someone who is in a low energy condition you will soon begin to feel drained yourself - they will tend to 'bring you down'. In fact, some people are so low energy that they can deflate a whole room full of perfectly cheerful people!

We all have had friends like this and mostly the problem only temporary. They have emotional problems and we try to cheer them up as best we can. Sometimes when you lift someone's mood like this they end up cheerful at your expense. Again provided this doesn't happen too often, we tolerate other people's ups and downs as hopefully they will tolerate ours.  This is just energy sharing and nothing to worry about.
A real energy vampire is someone who has made an art and a science of taking other people's energy. This is something they may have learned by themselves, after noticing that they can uplift their mood just by spending time with people at a high level energy. The trick is to turn down their own energy right down for just a short period of time. That's all that needed to allow the flow from another person.
If this becomes habitual and friends will lose patience and seek to distance themselves leaving the budding vampire to look for new sources of power. This is a downward spiral: in order to get enough people to fulfil their needs they have to resort to all manners of tricks. At the low end of society, selling drugs, prostitution, or something as seemingly harmless as being a masseurs. Physical contact, sharing food and inebriants is a great way to get at other peoples energy. Get them relaxed and happy, so they start to shine, when they do, suddenly turn your energy and there is no to suck, the energy will move on its own.
This would be relatively harmless except there is downside to consuming other peoples energy - its not pure. If you are only skimming from your friends that is safe enough, but if you start stealing energy on mass from people who may not even like you then there you will get a build up of negative energy. This can cause paranoia, erratic behavior, bi polar symptoms and much more. Show people can have this problem even if they are not trying to be vampires. Their audience bombard them with love, but with that love comes hate. This exacerbates any latent instability in the subject of attention.
So what do you do with massive amounts of negative energy? Simple, dump it on someone else! Negative energy can be transferred as easily as positive, the vampire just has learn to reverse the flow. This can also happen naturally, because energy of all kinds flows from greater to lesser. So, if the young vampire is sitting full of puss next someone else whose has low energy then the negative energy will pass to that person pretty much on its own. It is worth noting that the kind victim required for feeding is the opposite to kind required for dumping. A good victim for feeding has lots of energy - a good victim for dumping has very little. A smart vampire can get around this though by draining the subject and then putting in the poison.
Getting dump like this can make you quite ill, but yo will probably pass it off as some kind of cold, or fever, or flu, whatever, old age, symptoms are much the same, so who is know? Truth is like most things in magic it is very hard to ever be truly certain. Its a matter of probability that you have to work on as best you can. What are the odds that if you visit someone three in a month and every time you get sick afterward, you might do well to reconsider a fourth visit. One of the problems with modern logic is that we are expected to weight around for scientific proof of everything before we act. The percentage of people I have met who have had some experience of black magic is way too high and growing. They half believe it might have something in it and want to go along to see for themselves. This doesn't work well with black magic, evil contaminates and twists your psyche. Mostly peoples involvement is peripheral, but even short contact sets up weaknesses that may prove much more dangerous later on. If suspect someone is into black magic, stay away from them.  
So, you ask how do I spot an energy vampire? Well, you have watch carefully for tell tale behavior. The classic energy vampire is  seldom alone, if possible they have their own entourage, or failing that they cling to someone else's. They love bodily contact, and are forever shaking hands, hugging, whatever is permissible. Any kind of sharing is good for them as well. Now, the problem is  that some perfectly nice people behave like this, so how do separate them from the vampires? You can only tell the vampire from the genuinely sociable by watching the results of their actions over a period of time. Do a lot of bad things happen around this person? Do you feel tired in the their presence? Do you or other people get sick mysteriously? Do they give you a bad feeling? Its not proof by court standards, but you are not putting the person concerned on trial, you merely deciding if they are someone you wish to know and be known by. You only have to be scrupulous  about evidence if you are planning to punish someone.  This is the best defense against vampires - avoid them. Even if it was possible to prove someone is a vampire, what could be done about it anyway, a special law would be invented.  

Ok next let us look at some of the different types of vampires:

So, far we have discussed "independent vampires": these are people who come into vampirism by themselves and who work alone. Yet, as there are petty criminals and there is organized crime, there is organized vampirism.

This is a very touchy subject and the elite vampires like to keep it very secret indeed.

You can call it what you like 'families', cabals, covens, masonries. One visible face of vampirism is organized crime. There are the crime families who are often at war, but you always have some kind of governing entity. The governing entity settles disputes, provides stability and reminds the members that they even though they may hate each other they are all on the same side and have the same objective - maintaining their elite status and privileges at any cost. As for the rest of human race they are a resource to be used and discarded as the family wishes.   Vampires have a problem though and need people of good will and intelligence to work for them. The problem with being a powerful vampire is that everything you touch becomes sick whether you wish it to or not. If people of good character and high ability can be persuaded to help them a society can be created that is reasonably stable. However, the root is still rotten, this is why every innovation is invariably used in such a way that in the long term it does more harm than good. More money gets spend on war tech than peace tech. And even peace tech is hopelessly undermined by being a servant of profit rather the world and its inhabitants. There is no future for the human race as long as the vampires are still in control, they will destroy this civilization as they have every other civilization in past. They will save themselves their wealth and knowledge and set up business again. This time though the stakes are higher as it may not be possible for the vampires to save themselves from the consequences of all-out war. So, we live in a unique time, never before have the vampires had to gamble with their own lives they way they are so happy to with other peoples.
I don't recommend fighting with the vampires or the authorities that represent them. That is what they are good at, destroying things, anyone who attacks them is either corrupted and turned or eliminated. The only way to stop them is by putting out a massive amount of positive energy, enough to lift the consciousness of our entire race. Like the oceans, if the sea of consciousness raises by only a small fraction is has profound implications. Vampirism requires that people are kept in ignorance, and this is easy provided their consciousness does not evolve past a certain point. The evolution of consciousness is the only real enemy of vampires and the only realistic way we will ever be free from them. Evolved consciousness has greater awareness and can see the vampires for what they are. If this were case then no person of good will would have anything to do with. Exposed and without their minions the vampires would be almost defenseless.
However, we need to work quickly as soon they will robotic assistants and the need for human helpers will decrease from this point in. At some point in not too distant future the vampires will able to rule the world without any assistant from humanity and we will according sink from the status of dogs and horses to that of cattle and pigs - fit for food, but not required for work. 

This page is being rewritten, There's lots of older material from here on, some of it is pretty good, just needs a bit of reworking. Read on if you wish.
Vampire types:
Trash Vampires
Junkies, whores, pimps, drug dealers, and any other low life people whose profession brings a flow of victims. sexual predators,
Respectable vampires
Teachers, social workers, psychologists, cops, doctors, nurses. The percent of these types who are vampires is much lower in trash vampires, but some of worst offenders come from this sector, basically because they can get away with more. Again any profession where people have a lot of contact with people when they venerable are good places for a vampire to operate.
Elite vampires
A very high percentage of powerful people are vampires.

Wanna bees
Black magic cabals attract people, they have power, money and magic. For low life vampires the chance they might be able to join a cabal is what they dream of. Of course, they have to pay their dues, create enough  misery and mayhem for enough years and who knows maybe they will get a seat at the big table.

If you are really bad maybe even get a nice job in hell as a tormenter at the ministry of misery and eat with Satan every day.

Vampire initiations
Like the vampires on TV, skilled energy vampires can pass their ability on to someone else, like a virus. The initiation can be formal, or it more often it is done so discreetly without the subject even knowing what is happening. I say, it is like a computer virus, because it hijacks the subjects consciousness and can cause them to do things without realizing it. The things it makes them do are subtle, so the subject may not notice the that bug has caused them to secretly dislike someone and make trouble for them. Given long enough they may well work out that they are attached to an energy stealing circuit. This type of vampire is more powerful, they can suck more, but some the power they suck goes back the to the cabal; like taxes. They have another duty as well which is to dump some of the vast quantities of negative energy the cabal collects back into some unsuspecting mark.   The negative energy dump from an independent vampire can make you sick, from an elite vampire it can kill. This dump energy is base element used in all black magic. It can used against an individual to subdue then, or it can 'sprayed'' into the atmosphere to create feelings of fear hatred in a population. That is why it is hard for a normal person to make a strong curse - they just don't have enough negative energy at their command - which of course is a very good thing.

‘Friendly vamping’
The world is full of minor energy vampires; in fact every group of friends usually one who is a ‘vamp’. A vamp is someone who has very little energy or enthusiasm of their own, but somehow manages to absorb energy and enthusiasm from other people. They come into a room full of lively people listless and depressed and leave cheerful and positive while everyone else feels down. Their friends will probably be aware of this and most likely ‘put with it’ as long as it doesn’t go too far. The truth is that we have all probably ‘vamped’ a bit at one time or another when were feeling low, so it is not really a big deal. That is why I call this ‘friendly vamping’

Intentional vamping

Real intentional and effective energy vampires are fortunately not so common. How dangerous they are as vampires depends on how many people they have to vamp off. When a powerful, hungry energy vampire has small number of people to vamp off this can cause the victims to become sick and even die.

Many celebrities are energy vampires and vamp off their fans, and hangers on. If these are plenty in number then apparently no great harm may be done. In fact many people may happy to lend a little energy to a ‘legend’. Until it is time to ‘Dump the waste’ that is.
Psychic self defense against energy vampires is simple, stay out of their way! If you have to see them, keep meetings brief and format. Avoid touching, prolonged eye contact, don’t eat or drink with them.

 Emotional Dumping

Emotional Dumping is an associated problem that is much more serious. When people vamp energy they have to take what they get. This means that get a lot negative emotional energy from their victims. This negative energy builds up in the vampire making them feel very sick indeed. They then wish to get rid of this bad energy by ‘Dumping it’ on some unsuspecting person. The people vampires Dump on, are not those vamp off, for the simple reason that Dumping severely degrades a persons ability to produce energy. Dumping is pretty easy to do as well, just like vamping it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. If you have a lot of negative emotional energy pent up inside you and spend time close to someone who is relatively free of such bad emotions an exchange of energy is likely to occur.
Emotional Dumping is not unique to energy vampires either; anyone with a really bad emotional attitude builds negative emotions and may Dump them given the chance. Dumping takes place in two main ways, the nice and nasty.

‘Nice Dumping’

‘Nice Dumping’ occurs when someone befriends a person and gets close to them, making them feel warm, open and responsive. This will often be when someone is depressed upset, or sick, the opposite of the energy vampire target victim. Then when they have the victim ‘softened up’, they make the ‘Dump’. The best way to Dump is to touch, but conversation and eye contact will suffice. Some Dumpers like ‘feed’ their victims with food, or better still drugs. Typically, drug addicts, prostitutes and other low life’s are forever Dumping and being Dumped on.

‘Nasty’ Dumping

‘Nasty’ Dumping is performed by humiliating someone or making them submit to some unpleasantness. Anyone in authority has the opportunity to be a ‘nasty’ Dumper, though the more power they have the better they can Dump. Nasty Dumpers routinely Dump on just about anyone, though they often prefer to pick on people who are strong, clean and good, as they can take a lot of Dump before they are ‘Dump sodden’. Being ‘Dump sodden’ means that the victim has taken as much Dump as they can hold and further Dumping may ‘backfire’ on the Dumper. Nasty Dumpers also like to indulge sick games, setting people against each other and turning them into Dumpers as well. Evil people always wish to proof that everyone is really as evil as they are, but merely too weak to put it into practice.


‘Fresh Dump’

Unlike energy vamping, Dumping can have very serious effects after very short exposure. It can make you very physically and psychologically sick indeed. To defend against Dumping is not always easy either. If you realize you have Dumped on, you need to act quickly, as if the Dump stays on you it becomes part of your being and is much harder to remove. When the Dump is fresh though it will not have had time to ‘stick’ and can be sent back to the Dumper quite easily. The main weapon is knowledge, if know what has happened your psyche will automatically reject the alien emotion. The trick of the Dumper is to make you think that Dump is ‘yours’, you are the one with the bad energy. If you belief this then the Dump will stick solidly.
The trouble is, especially with ‘nice’ Dumping that you may not even realize what has happened and consider any depressive or sick symptoms to be caused by something else. Being Dumped on is likely to make any ailment, physical or psychological you already have worse than usual. A Dump may also cause cold or flu, like symptoms and a general feeling of malaise. The most striking symptom though is nightmares; if you have a powerful nightmare after having had a ‘suspicious’ encounter and awake feeling depressed, anxious with aches and pains, then you have almost certainly being Dumped on. There is no need get paranoid, getting Dumped on is part of life and happens once in while to most people. If you spend a lot of time hanging out with dubious characters though it will be more often, but in practice no one is safe.
Treating this kind of ‘fresh’ Dump is not unlike treating any other pathogen. First, get as far away as you can from source of ‘infection’. Find a quiet, safe place to rest and recuperate. Like your body, your psyche has natural defense mechanisms that reject alien emotions; this takes a little time that’s all. Avoid any excess of drugs or alcohol as these will lower your resistance. Keep yourself cosseted like this until the symptoms disappear, just like a cold or flu. If you act quickly the attack will be brief with no lingering effects.
If you fail to act quickly then the Dump will ‘take root’ in your psyche and recovering will be slow. Again just flu, if you get flu but ignore it and go out in the rain and get wet you will suffer longer. In the end though provided your avoid the source of infection your psyche will recover.
 There is one thing you MUST avoid above all others though and that is: DO NOT PASS ON THE DUMP! It is very easy to pass the Dump on to some other poor unsuspecting soul. Dumps are not contagious as like virus, as they can only passed to someone you have either ‘softened up’ or humiliated. There is always an effort of will involved, though admittedly this may sometimes be quite slight. The best thing is to keep yourself to yourself, at least in spirit until the symptoms have eased.
Again, unlike physical infections, passing the Dump will make you feel better for while too, possibly very good indeed, better than before you were Dumped on for sure, but you will have become a Dumper and Dumpers are evil! Evil people generate their own negative energy in substantial quantities, so you have to Dump again and again, the more you Dump the more evil you become and you the problem escalates.

‘Chronic Old Dump’

Unfortunately, many of us have been Dumped in childhood, family, associates, teachers, maybe all three. This causes chronic physiological damage, leading to all kinds of mental and physical distress symptoms. The problem with this kind of Old Dump is that psyche can no longer distinguish between your personality and the Dump as the two have grown together. This can cause ‘split personality’, manic depression (bi polar disorder), chronic insecurity/anxiety, uncontrollable cravings, in fact just about any kind of sickness mental of physical you can imagine.
Chronic Old Dump of this kind can be treated and given that the patient has the will power, cured. Unfortunately, the victim will almost certain have to cure themselves. It is almost impossible to get anyone to believe in this kind of problem, or more inaccurately no wants to believe, as most people are in denial about this kind of thing. The only people who do believe tend be cranks and fanatics. Analysis and counseling don’t usually help much either as they tend to reinforce the Dump by trying to convince the victim to ‘accept the Dump’ as being part of them, which it is not (psychologists and such like are often Dumpers in search of easy victims anyway). To undo chronic Old Dump you have to define the Dump as a separate entity so your psychic defenses can get to work to remove it and this cannot be done if someone is telling you to accept it.
Firstly, the victim must spend time in quiet contemplation to try and remember where the Dump came from and how it affected them. They must also consider whether there is any Dumping still taking place. The rule in contemplate is to remain unemotional as this avoids the danger of paranoid attachments. A plan of action is then needed to provide the circumstances necessary for what maybe a lengthy period of rehabilitation

In order to cure Old Dump, one must first expose it, or to put it more accurately to allow it to expose itself. All Dump likes to live hidden in the depths of the unconscious mind from where it can launch attacks on the conscious mind and the body. These attacks take all sorts distressing forms, the most basic of which being anxiety and depression. The inclination of the conscious mind is to try repressing, displacing or covering these symptoms, however this is a mistake. What is needed to hold on the negative emotions when they surface and refuse to let go. When holding on to the dump it is important not to let it attach itself to anything of anyone. For instance if the Dump is making you angry, don’t be angry with a person, just feel the pure anger and know it for it is – not part of you at all. If you attach the Dump emotion to something it makes it more personal and part of you.
You will need a quiet safe place to do this, and a fair amount of time for, so will need to plan. While you are leading your normal life and you feel the Dump attack, you must repress it as best you can and wait till you can get away. Once at the safe location, you must sit, or lie down in silence concentrating on your breathing; in, out, in out, until you feel any negative emotions surfacing. Concentrate on the negative emotion and let it build. This will feel very bad indeed, you may get all kinds of physical symptoms as well, but not give let go. You will probably slip in and out of consciousness and dreams in which the people who have Dumped on you will appear. You need to stay like this as long as can, as all this time the power of dump is actually decreasing, so longer each session the quicker the cure. The Dump does not like to be held onto because this reverses the balance of power in your favor. Dump wants you to attach the negative emotion to a person, or thing so that you believe that this object is the cause of the distress; this is displacement. Once you expose the Dump your psyche will begin the process of eliminating it. You don’t have to get rid of it all either, your psyche has a substantial ‘Dump Sump’ where negative emotions can be contained, rather a garden compost heap - as long as the Dump Sump not overfilled that is.
When you can continue no longer freshen up and go and something else to take your mind of the experience. You will feel a bit shaky, but considerably better than did before.
Later when you can contemplate what occurred when you where fighting with the dump and access your level of success. Do not especially victimized, many, many people have this kind of problem, and the important thing is get over it. You will learn many things about yourself and other people in process, unfortunately they will mostly be things be you would rather not have found out, but they will useful nevertheless.
I am not saying it will be easy, but Old Chronic Dump can be at least alleviated and probably cured given that you have removed yourself from the source of the Dumping. It will take time, how much depends on many factors, like how much energy you deducted to your treatment.
If you have guilty of Dumping on others it will harder, but the treatment is the same, except of course you must stop dumping. One of biggest hurdles is to get enough free time, but that is a matter of how higher priority you place on your mental and physical well being.
Above all else remember that you are, like everyone else, truly a unique and wonderful being and the imperfections that seem to be so much a part of you are just external pathogens that have stolen your glory and made you into something you are not.

There’s plenty of magic around that really works awesomely whether you believe in it or not – black magic. Evil is a supremely well-organized conspiracy with massive resources and the experience of thousands of years at it’s disposal. White magic, the power of love is far more powerful yet it suffers from a crippling disadvantage – it relies on purity. Evil has exploited this weakness with devastating effect.
The purveyors of evil have insinuated themselves into all organized religions and other spiritually orientated organizations.  I write to you because you are one of very few remaining people who remember what it was like back in the day when we had a massive generation of pure hearted young people and we did truly shake the organs of decay to the point of breaking, possibly the first time that had happened centuries, but evil remorselessly regained the upper hand.
The black magic put substantial resources into promoting false gurus, encouraged aggressive policing and most of all they spread hard drugs. It is well known now that various government agencies were involved in the drug trade with the specific purpose of undermining the so called ‘hippy’ movement. Worst of all many of our role models were complicit, think of the major rock bands who reveled in publicizing there hard drug use. The Stones were one of the worst offenders; ‘Brown Sugar’ a song supposedly about Mick’s black girlfriend was of course a street term for heroin and pictures of Keith holding a packet brown sugar told the real story. I was back stage at Nebworth the first time Santana came to UK and saw army of cocaine dealers he brought with him – he practically invented cocaine as a popular drug. Those are just examples and the list of what I witnessed personally could go on for pages (if you search your memory I am sure have plenty too) and I don’t mean pick on anyone unfairly, they were nearly all doing it and worked a treat.
As for any organization trying to promote the power of love they were either taken over, affiliated, or heavily infiltrated.  You said yourself about ‘bitch craft’, how poison do you have to have in a barrel of water before it becomes unsafe to drink? Not much.
Its well documented now that CIA, others were involved in the suspension and killing of clean black role models and creation and distribution of crack cocaine and ‘gangster rap’. The KGB practically bankrupted the Soviet Union supporting various ‘Peace’ movements over decades. I remember going on anti-Vietnam war demos. At first I thought it was great, but then I started to meet some of leaders and became suspicious of their motives. It seemed to me that they were more authoritarian than the government. The American promoters of the war used the peace movement as a pretext for continuing, the logic being that if they gave to the Vietnamese they would also give in the peace movement. It’s a guess, but I would say that Nixon probably genuinely wanted to pull out when he first ran for president. We all owe a debt to the Vietnamese for if they hadn’t defeated the US outright at enormous cost to themselves the conspiracy of evil would even more advanced than it is today.
Back to magic, it is always easier, though not necessarily easy, to define problems, than to come up with solutions. I believe I have an answer that is well worth considering. For many,I many years I have worked alone ceaselessly  to create completely new words of power that have unequivocal meanings and are complete pure. I think it is possible to evolve a new type of ‘religion’ that is able to resist the power of evil, but it has to be founded on completely new concepts. The number flaw in all major world religions is that they are pyramids; the founder remains the greatest proponent. Jesus is the greatest Christian and so on. This type of structure is very easy to corrupt, because it cannot change readily and remove doctrine that has become tainted; pyramids are heavy and restrictive by nature. The concept of a tree is also flawed as if the root is attacked the branches cannot survive. What is needed is something much looser and harder to define, more like a vine, spreading and putting new roots as well making and dispersing fruits and seeds. That way if one part becomes contaminated it does not necessarily spread throughout the organism.  What we need is founders that are pure, but not claiming to be complete and definitive masters, merely instigators of a living, evolving tradition that ever creates greater and more powerful adepts..
For such a thing to come pass though is not easy, for human one of black magic’s best tricks is an insinuation that allows people to see all things but the truth. That which is pure cannot be seen for what it is and so people will follow, subscribe and assist all manner of dubious practices, but ignore anything that is genuine and pure.
Nevertheless, I will continue to spread love and endeavor with all my might to fight and defeat evil until my last breath. As this is the covenant I have made.



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