Saturday, June 11, 2011

The True Meaning of Life Explained In 1,000 words!

Everybody wants to know the meaning of life, because if life has no meaning, what is the point of doing anything? To have a purpose is the most fundamental drive of all living beings and in the natural world, sense of purpose is abundant. Look at Mother Nature teeming with life and boundless in her enthusiasm to live. Yet, most humans when asked ‘what is the meaning of life?’ are unsure, this is true even of the philosophers and theologians, the people you would most expect to know the answer.
That people do not the meaning of life is a symptom, a symptom of societies that have gone astray and are out of touch with the most primordial of all laws – evolve or die! There has only ever been one reason for existence and that is to evolve and once physical evolution reached its limit, the evolution of consciousness became the goal.
The reason that people have trouble comprehending this is because by some strange twist of fate the human race, who are the most evolved and most capable of evolving, beings on this planet, have stopped evolving. Once you stop evolving you fall foul of the law of Universe and your life has no purpose. Once you have no purpose you no longer know what the meaning of is, because your life has no meaning. This has been the position for a very long time and so those who live today are descendants of many pointless generations. Pointlessness is written into the culture, the family, and the very genetics of modern humans. That is why we have a consumer society, once you have no purpose the only thing you can do is consume, and get whatever satisfaction you can that way.

The reverse pyramid

Sadly there have been many false dawns, in the early of science there it was hoped that by understanding the laws of nature we would be able to evolve, to build a better world. A world free, from want, from pain and sickness, where all were rational, reasonable and fair. This has not happened, science has evolved but people have not, and without true evolution of consciousness science only increases our power to destroy. This law will never change as certain as the laws of physics.
The symbols of worldly power are always solid heavy, the pyramid is the most durable structure that can be built and it symbolizes the ‘pyramidal society’. Those who wish to life at the top pyramids love to build them as proof of the stability and order that they represent. However, this is a deception; the pyramidal society is fundamentally unstable. This is because all the weight of the wealth (no accident that gold is one of the heaviest metals) is all concentrated at the top forming an upside down pyramid, which is about the least stable structure you can imagine. The human race has been living a lie for countless centuries believing that what appears to be heavy and solid can be relied upon when the reverse is true.

If you could see money for what it really is you would never want to own another dime

How heavy is the evolution of consciousness? How can the evolution of consciousness be divided into lots valued and sold at mark up? It can’t, and so the most valuable thing in the world is in practice valueless – unless you can make ‘spin off’ that is. Tecnology is a ‘spin off’ of the evolution of consciousness. The founders of modern science were men who had evolved in the true sense of the word. However, their theories and experiments where ‘worthless’ in themselves. It was only if they could be somehow hooked into the great pyramid building exercise that the great works of science gained value - the only way they could acquire worldly value, was by losing their true value. This is the same today, every new idea, every creation, that anyone can possibly come up with is vetted and checked according to whether it can be linked to one more pyramids. Even as I write this now I realize that if I ever want to get published someone have to see that it as having a ‘value’, a value to the pyramid. That is why money is so inherently evil because it corrupts even the noblest of enterprises and drags them down to the level of a marketing exercise. Money is not the root of all evil, for evil is older, but it is the ratchet that insures that the human race can never escape from attachment to materialism which means we are forever cursed, abandoned by God, unloved by nature, living out barren pointless lives, only sustained by mass delusions, and massive personal self deception.

Admitting your own folly, this is the first step to evolving your consciousness.

This need not be so, there is another way, and in fact there are many other ways to live. It is all just a matter of where you put the accent. If you put the accent on evolving your consciousness instead of trying to fill placate Mammon you have already made the change. That is the terrible thing, our race has only to change personally by a small percentage and all the ills of the world will begin steadily to ratchet down, instead of steadily ratchet up. It is like someone dying of thirst rather because they are too lazy raise the bucket from the well. Look inside your heart, you know that this is true! Yet, the fact that changing to become a consciousness evolver instead of a life destroy is easy makes people less willing to make the effort. Human beings are obsessed with ‘losing face’ and they would rather die of thirst than admit that water was at hand all along.

Become a Thief of Time

Materialism is the thief of life; it has stolen from you from before you were born. It has stolen your birthright, stolen your dreams, stolen your true nature - stolen the meaning of your life.
Now is the time to steal something back.
So what does this mean in practice, how do you evolve your consciousness? The beauty of the thing is you don’t have to do anything; it evolves al by itself, because that is its nature. In fact you have working extremely hard all your life to stop it our consciousness from evolving. People keep their best instincts bottled away as they fear that if they are seen to ‘evolve’ they will lose value, status. This is a real concern as Mammon is a jealous god and if people think you are getting ‘wacky’ your status on the pyramid may be downgraded. This is how evil proliferates and good declines, and is this really what you want to see repeated over and over till you die a pointless death after leading pointless life?
The answer starts with you becoming a thief, a thief of time, a thief of the time that was originally stolen from you. Steal time back from Mammon, and give use it to evolve your consciousness. Steal time to let yourself grow as a person, the more you steal you more ways you will find to use the time stolen. There are an unlimited number of ways to evolve and you will find some good ones in this book, but don’t limit yourself at beginning, free yourself from the idea that you have to do follow this or that path. If want to follow a path follow it, if you want to strict be strict, if you want try lots of things and be carefree do that. By allowing yourself to be yourself freedom you will begin to evolve and the more you evolve the more ways you will find to evolve further.
As you journey on the road of consciousness evolution you will find that each new stage demands that you change your being. That is why it does not matter how you start out because in the end you have to become many different things.  Learn to be like water that always finds its way, and never loses its true nature. Sometimes water surges ahead, sometime it trickles, sometimes it stays silent in an underground chamber for millennia, sometimes it forms clouds and soars into the firmament. You must learn to be like this if you wish to escape the clinging tentacles of mundane existence. It will not be easy, but it will never be in vain.

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