Friday, July 29, 2011

How I Discovered the Meaning of Life

How I discovered the Meaning of Life How I Discovered the Meaning of Life

Like Nirvana, the Evolution of Consciousness is eternal, continuous without endings or beginnings. From whatever level you have reached, you have get to the next - that is all.

I discovered the Meaning of Life in March 2011, it didn’t come with a bang or clap of thunder, there wasn’t any sudden flash of bright light; it wasn’t like that at all. What happened was I working on a title for a new YouTube channel and it just came to me: the Meaning of Life is the Evolution of Consciousness. That stuck and I thought, ‘Hey, that’s right’. It all just seemed very natural, like it was no big deal at all and I think that’s the way an inspiration should come. If you get the ‘big clap of thunder’ and strong feeling type of inspiration often later you are disappointed with it, but if comes naturally and you just ‘know’ its true, like you’d known it all along, then that makes a much better start. Because, its not what happens when you get an inspiration that counts, its what happens after and I found that this simple little concept, gave me a centre from which I could expand in some very interesting and useful directions. Actually this process all started four years ago back in 2007 when I discovered my ‘true self’ and that was when the Evolving Consciousness idea really started to work for me. Before that I didn’t know my ‘true self’, and if you don’t know your ‘true self’ what do you know? But, I don’t want to get into all that just yet. These concepts like the ‘Meaning of Life’ and the ‘true self’; these are what you might call ‘elevated concepts’. To get into an elevated concept you’ve got to get on to an elevated level, a ‘high’ first before you can appreciate them. Now, any idiot can pop some pills or whatever, get on a ‘high’ and think they’ve discovered ‘the Meaning of Life’. Well, maybe, that’s for real, maybe not, but when they come down from the drug it’s all blown away anyway. The simple reason is that drugs always mess your mind up, some mess it up a little, some mess it a lot, that’s the problem with relying on drugs to get high[1]. When you get on a ‘natural high’ it’s not like that and you remember most of what you experience pretty clearly and that’s one of main things that Evolving Consciousness is all about - getting on a ‘natural high’. Once you are on the ‘high’, these ‘elevated concepts’ will start to work for you, and you will know the truth for yourself.  To that get a natural ‘high’ and more important hold on to it, takes a lot of concentration and a lot of knowledge - like the knowledge of all things that ‘bring you down’ and how get around them. You need insight too otherwise you can get lost, carried away chasing ‘willow the wisps.’[2] The ultimate ‘high’ requires the ultimate dedication.
Now, maybe reading this it has already made a ‘hit’ with you and that’s great, you just carry on, but more likely this is still just ‘words on paper’.  That’s because although your mind probably understands perfectly what is written your emotions have not connected to it. Unless you emotion get ‘hooked’ onto an idea it never ‘feels’ real, and this is something I hope to teach you, to link your emotions to concepts that most people think are lofty goals that cannot be reached, ideals that can never exist in the ‘real world. I hope to show how attach your emotions to noble dreams and so make them glorious realities. That’s what I mean by turning ‘a chump into a hero’.
I’m going to ask you to take ‘leap of faith’ with me, not faith in the Catholic sense like you have to believe, believe; believe till you drop, but a leap of faith in the sense that I want you to suspend your disbelief long enough to give it your best shot. This is a really good idea whatever you are learning, be open minded, believe what you are told, then when you have mastered it, make it ‘your own’ and do what you like with it. That’s the way that I study so I know it works.
So, read what I write as if it was true, and as if you had never read anything like it before, and see how far it takes you. I am sure this program is really going to work for a lot of people and you could be one of them. Whatever happens you will have learned a lot of useful things.
I’m 57 and I’ve been working this kind of stuff since I was 13 or younger and as I say it taken me till this year before I really started getting the whole jigsaw together. You can learn what I learned in years in months because these concepts I am giving are really good and solid and the program is well worked out.

[1] As far as I know marijuana is the only drug that may help Evolution of Consciousness in the long term. Other drugs? Maybe useful in very special circumstances. What I know for sure is that my generation, the Peace and Love people, made the terrible mistake of ‘relying on drugs’ to get high. If you want to reach the truly exalted levels you got to go for the ‘natural high’.
[2] ‘Willow the wisp’ is caused when methane gas produced by a marsh burns. Someone lost at night may think that the light comes from house and wander further in the bog.

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  1. What a great way to come up with the meaning of life - thinking of a title for a YouTube post - I bet you're the only one that ever found it that way!
    It also sounds a great way to get on a natural high - I've just been doing a bit of research and this method isn't highly advertised so thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    p.s. Wow, the photos linking to your video talks are amazing - you look way younger on the 2nd with your hair shaved off than you do in the one with hair - not just because of the hair - whatever you're doing, keep doing it - it's obviously working!