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To Evolve you must to know the Meaning of Life and to know the Meaning of Life you must Evolve.

To Evolve you must to know the Meaning of Life and to know the Meaning of Life you must Evolve.

Ok, so everybody wants to know the Meaning of Life, because if life has no meaning, what’s the point of doing anything? Yet, if you ask most people, what’s the Meaning of Life? They’re uncertain, unsure, and probably can’t offer any kind of answer at all.  That’s true of the philosophers, the priests and the theologians - the kind of people you’d expect to know the answer or at least have some good idea. So, you have to ask yourself, why is this? Why doesn’t anybody know the Meaning of Life? The Meaning of Life should be common knowledge, something we all know and take for granted, not some ‘the big question’ that people are too afraid to even contemplate. I say is this ignorance is a symptom, a symptom of the sick societies we all live in and a world that’s gone astray. That’s why people don’t know the Meaning of Life.
We human beings are not like the other creatures in this world. The dogs, the cats and the crocodiles just go on doing the same things for millions of years and they’re quite content to do that. Given the chance they’ll go on the same way forever, but we just can’t stand endless repetition. We need a feeling that ‘progress’ of some kind is being made, that there is evolution or life seems stale, boring and pointless. This must be programmed into us because people are like this just about everywhere; its just normal human psychology.
The problem is that in terms of our consciousness we haven’t evolved for thousands of years. We are not any more evolved than people were in the Stone Age, and possibly not even as much. What’s happened is that instead of evolving our consciousness’s we have evolved technology. The problem with the evolution of technology is that technology is destroying the world. Technology is making us the slaves of the machines instead the machines being our slaves and the machines are literally eating our world.
That’s not true progress, and for each one of us, if we don’t see progress then a ‘nagging fear’ sets in - the fear that life has no meaning. This is something of a conundrum, a ‘Catch 22’, an impossible dilemma.
If you are uncertain about the ‘Meaning of Life’ you cannot motivate yourself and if you cannot motivate yourself you cannot make progress; you cannot evolve. In other words, to evolve you must to know the Meaning of Life but to know the Meaning of Life you must evolve. The Meaning of Life is the ‘the center’ from which your personal evolution can grow. You can’t even think of about evolving without some idea of the Meaning of Life.
Life has been like this for a very long time and those of us alive today are descendants of many, many generations who have lived with this ‘nagging fear’, the insinuation that life is pointless and a waste of time. That eats into your consciousness and virtually everybody has attacks of ‘doom and gloom’ sometimes. Mostly we recover pretty well, but we never really heal and the symptoms sink into the unconscious mind. One the surface we stay cheerful and try to ‘take our mind of it’ with all kinds of distractions, yet just below the surface the fear lurks shark like, ready to bite through our flimsy self deception. The fear that life is without meaning is part of the culture, the family. You know the kind thing, lots of negatively about any ideals the kids have, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, because ‘the worlds not like that’, you’ve got to buckle down and ‘accept’ the ‘way things are’ in the ‘real world’. Parents think because they have accepted a lot of things they should have fought harder against that the kids have to accept them too. This is what the ‘nagging fear’ the insinuation does to people. At first they are its prisoners then they turn into guards - the guards of insinuation.
If you don’t know the Meaning of Life when something really bad happens like somebody you love dies tragically, it’s really hard to bear. If you have a strong sense of purpose and something awful happens, then you’ll still feel bad, but you can still evolve and one day heal. Nearly everyone has tragedy in their lives and someday has to look at the ‘face of despair’ in mirror. Without a strong sense of purpose how are you going to find the motivation to move on? You could slip into unbearable grief and not be able ever break free. Just the fear of this is enough to twist people, especially as they get older and this causes all kinds aberrant, strange behavior; so don’t be too hard on your parents, getting old is a bitch.
How did we get here? Well, over the years there have been many ‘false dawns’ and people really believed they were doing the ‘right’ things, only to be disappointed. All the revolutions that promised social change, then only delivered a change of management.  Most disappointing of all, the ‘heady days’ of early scientific advance promised us that by understanding the laws of nature we’d be able to evolve and build a better world. A world free from want, pain and sickness, where all would be free and governments would be rational, reasonable and fair. This has not happened, science has evolved but people have not, and without true Evolution of Consciousness to go with science, then science on its own only increases our power to destroy. People live superficial lives, consume, grab something now, never mind about the future and this will never change; it is as certain as the laws of physics. Unless we can rediscover the Meaning of Life that is.
So, when did things go wrong? When did we go astray as a race? My guess is that the consciousness of the human race probably stopped evolving about the time we started building mounds and pyramids. There’s a lot of talk about whether the pyramid builders all shared a common origin, who knows? But the idea of building pyramids is so obvious that they didn’t really need to be. Look at the world around you, what’s the most durable and unchanging feature of landscape?  A mountain.
So, people copied mountains and built mounds to symbolize the power and stability; the stability of the tribe. Mounds also promote the idea of a hierarchy, a status quo with the chief at the top and slaves at the bottom. This hierarchy was also religious, with the top of the mound being ‘the ascent to heaven’ and this links social status and ‘heavenly blessing’; ‘the divine right of kings’ and the ‘the divine right of priests’. All that symbolism is there for all to see in one simple mound of mud that can be seen even from far away. As time went by tribes became ‘civilizations’ and wanted something a bit more ‘refined’ than a ‘mound’ for their ‘logo’, because the mound was the ‘logo’ of tribe as  olden days buildings were the main form of ‘advertising’ for the culture. The pyramids of Giza are the ultimate in pyramid design with their subtle geometry and consummate construction. Yet, all pyramids however refined and beautiful are the products of repression and the very idea of the ‘pyramidal’ society, the society that based on the pyramid, is flawed, fundamentally flawed.
As a physical structure pyramids are stable, very, very stable, but pyramidal societies, societies constructed like pyramids are extremely unstable. The wealth in the pyramidal society always goes to the top and that forms an ‘upside down pyramid’. To quote from; G. William Domhoff, University of Santa Cruz.

In the United States, wealth is highly concentrated in a relatively few hands. As of 2007, the top 1% of households (the upper class) owned 34.6% of all privately held wealth, and the next 19% (the managerial, professional, and small business stratum) had 50.5%, which means that just 20% of the people owned a remarkable 85%, leaving only 15% of the wealth for the bottom 80% (wage and salary workers).

This is America, ‘the land of opportunity’ so in the developing world it’s going to be a whole lot worse. An upside down pyramid is highly unstable, and can only be supported with great effort for a limited amount of time. All pyramidal societies are doomed to collapse, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans and many, many more have all crashed and when a pyramidal societies crashes there is long and terrible ‘dark age’ of chaos and misery.  Our society will crash the same way someday unless we can make some fundamental changes.
People are not completely stupid and sometimes some good ideas do get put out into practice, like the abolition of slavery, the introduction of democracy and setting up trade unions. These things have helped move money down the pyramid and stabilize the situation, but their effect has proved nothing like enough. Not enough to offset the ‘overwhelming upward suction’ of money that is the ‘hallmark’ of a great financial pyramid. Economists talk about the ‘trickle down’ of money, but what use is a trickle when you have a great fountain of wealth going straight up the pyramid, and sitting there like a great lake of gold.
Another total fiction is that businesses are ‘profitable’. Every business in this world runs at a considerate loss. They appear profitable, but really they are just living off capital, capital in the form un-renewable natural recourses, like oil, gas, metals, phosphates and so on - stealing from mother nature. Capitalists spout a lot of nonsense about having to be’ financially prudent’ when in truth they just like kids of the rich squandering the money their parents made – they wouldn’t know a profit if it hit them in face! They say there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’, but the history of capitalism is one long and extremely expensive ‘free lunch’, one that the generations to come are going to have pick the tab for.  We should not pour to much blame on the rich though, as rich people are just ‘poor people with money’, and they are merely playing out the role that it the society gives them and we are all victims the same vicious circle.
In the pyramid, things are mostly judged by size and by weight and it is no accident that gold is one the heaviest substances on earth. Yet how heavy is consciousness? It is has no weight. How can the consciousness be divided into lots valued and sold at mark up? It can’t. Consciousness, good consciousness anyway is the most valuable thing in the world! Your consciousness is your only real possession; the state of your consciousness determines how you feel everyday. Lots of wealthy people are unhappy, because they have rich lifestyles, and poor consciousness.
The most valuable thing in the world is in practice worthless – unless you can make ‘spin off’ that is. Technology is a ‘spin off’ of the Evolution of Consciousness. The ‘specialists’ still continue to evolve even though the majority do not. Specialists like the founders of modern science. The founders of modern science were men of great intellect, but their theories and experiments where ‘worthless’ in themselves. It was only if they could be somehow be ‘hooked’ into the great financial pyramid building exercise that the great works of science gained value; for the scientists, often the only way they could acquire worldly renown was by sacrificing their integrity. Uncle Sam wasn’t interested in Albert Einstein till they realized he could make bombs, then he got a limo ride to Los Alamos everyday.
How is this problem of the pyramid society linked to the fact that the Evolution of Consciousness has stopped? The Evolution of Consciousness requires that the unique and wonderful qualities of each member of the human race be equally valued and developed to maximum potential. There is no ‘chain of command’ in Evolving Consciousness, just people sharing ideas and growing together. To evolve we must each of us realize our personal and direct link to the divine, (I will be showing you how to develop this vital link later in this book). This is not a link through another person, no matter how exalted or noble that person may be, like in organized religion. I am talking about your own private and personal link to the sublime. The great religions of the world can never foster the Evolution of Consciousness as they are all pyramidal in structure. In a ‘religious pyramid’ only the founder or founders ever reach the top. I am a Buddhist; I love Buddhism because there are lots of really good things about Buddhism. You may feel the same about your religion[1], but you have to be realistic. Of all the millions and millions of people who practice the various religions how many ever become truly enlightened? This book does not aim to change anyone’s religion, and you should consider it as a ‘supplement’, a way of expanding your mind so that you appreciate your religion, and other peoples – atheists, skeptics, and agnostics too can benefit from enhanced consciousness.  It is generally accepted that there is a Universal Consciousness of some kind (even many rationalists, atheists and agnostics acknowledge this as a possibility at least), what people disagree about is its exact nature. With the aid of this training program you will be able to have your own first hand experience to base your opinions on.
. We can be done to make life better? How can the individual triumph against the crushing weight of the pyramid even within their own lives, let alone do anything to try to ‘save the world’. Well, knowing the problem is always a good start to finding the answer, and hopefully the true nature of the problem is a bit clearer in you mind now. It’s very difficult, but difficult is not the same as impossible and what the harm in trying to make things better? I believe that there is an answer, and that answer lies in the changing the way that we see the world, our perceptions of life and way we see ourselves. The way ‘we see things’ and ‘reality’ are two completely different things, but few people stop to think about this. People are geared in to the idea that world ‘as we see it’, is the ‘real world’ and that there is no alternative; no other way things can be.
The way we see physical reality, matter and energy appear is all a matter of perspective. We share this world with ants but they don’t perceive the world in the same way we do. How things appear depends on what you are, where you are and your reason for looking; that is what is meant by perspective. In terms of a living being there is no such thing absolute reality; its all about perspectives; points of view. Points of view are really, really important though; the way you perceive things governs the way you behave and ‘what you see’, is ‘what you do’. What I am trying to do here is make you a take fresh look at yourself and hopefully show you how to see yourself in a more positive light. The way you see yourself is the central point from which you observe the world and if you feel more positive about yourself and will behave in a more positive way.
The way that we see the world has been evolving over millions of years and it’s in layers. The first layer relates is our survival; looking for food, avoiding danger finding a mate and so on. Survival perception works very well because it is ‘unequivocal’, it the only possible way see our survival needs and is the ‘human perspective’ at its purest and most simple. Where the business of perspective gets complicated is when it comes to what I call, ‘cultural perceptions’, the way we have been taught to see things; the perspective that society imposes upon us. We are expected to accept this as ‘reality’ like our survival perceptions but the truth is that is just opinions, other people’s opinions, opinions that often based on totally stupid ideas. In order to evolve your consciousness you must stop, stop accepting other people’s opinions about yourself and the way you see things as being more important than your own. Develop your own perspective and do not allow anybody to thrust anything else down your throat. The best advice I can give you is never to take advice.
The human mind is very light and restless; like the wind, always on the move and never staying in one place long - we like new ideas and are easily distracted. Just thinking about things mostly does have much effect it’s when the emotions get connected to thoughts that things start to happen and this is because - emotions stimulate hormones. Emotions are elastic and sticky, like tentacles and when they attach to an idea they don’t let go so easily. An idea begins to become a ‘reality’ when the emotions stick to it. The emotions are stronger than thoughts too and in a ‘tug of war’ they always win. Everyone knows this is true, once something has upset you emotionally you cannot just ‘forget it’ no matter how much you wish to - even if is four in the morning and you want to sleep. You try to think about something else but your emotions drag you back over and over.
The emotions may be stronger but they have a weakness, they are blind and deaf. Emotions don’t have direct access to the senses, and sense data is ‘filtered’ through the mind. Everything you see, hear, feel, taste or touch goes to your mind first before the emotions get a look in. Recognition and cognition control emotional response[2]. This means that with practice you can to a control your emotions by only allowing them to see what you want them to see. Control your emotion and you can control hormones and this can be done by a simple change of perspective.
All of our cultural perceptions, the perspectives of life that we are ‘programmed’ to accept are merely opinions.  We are expected to accept all these ideas as ‘real’ when most of they are nothing to do reality at all, even survival - what they are really all about is status. In the world of the pyramid the thing that matters most, even more than money, is status. Cultural perceptions are about status, which mostly means insuring that those of low status accept their lot and are grateful for what they get. The world that passes for ‘the real world’ is really a little more than elaborate fantasy and it only seems real because people’s emotions are attached to it – we are all hooked on status.
One thing we can be sure of is all societies are made of individuals. In the pyramid society, the individual can be called a ‘brick’, and ‘bricks in the pyramid’ is what you all are. The idea is that each brick is held firmly in place by all the other bricks around it; the bricks above, the bricks below and to the sides; status, status keeps the bricks in place - no status, no pyramid. Now we come to what I call the ‘Great Mistake’, the Great Mistake is the idea you can build a society in the same way you build a pyramid, this is an anathema; completely senseless.  Living beings are not like bricks. Bricks once set, stay where you put them, human beings can only be held in place with a lot of effort, continuous effort because it is ‘against our nature to stay put’. This is one of the very few things about ‘human nature’ we can be certain of
 In order to keep people ‘in their place’ an enormous effort is required, both from the individual and from all the institutions as well. Cultural perceptions, ideas of the way we ‘should’ do things have to set up and promoted. These ideas are often not based on any sane notion and so this makes it a lot harder. There has to be an elaborate system of propaganda, propaganda to convince the majority to obey the rules, even though the rules don’t make sense and not in their best interest. Then you need a cumbersome mechanism of laws and punishments for those who can not be so persuaded. For the citizen it means they live in a state of constant stress as ‘finding one’s place’, one’s status in society’ is actually impossible. It’s impossible because the other ‘bricks’ keep trying to change the rules in their favor and in the end the best that be achieved is unhappy compromise. This suits the pyramid, because the only it can operate is if everyone is so stressed out that they don’t have any time to think how stupid it all is.
This is the ‘insane’ system that has come to pass for ‘the real world’ and this proves ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ that you can make any idea a ‘reality’ if you use enough ‘promotion’. If totally stupid ideas can become ‘real’, then ideas that founded on sensible concepts can become ‘realities’ as well. This all starts with the individual; change the way you see yourself and you start to change the world.
What is the alternative? We need a different approach, when you build a house you start from the ground up, but this doesn’t work for consciousness or for a society. A consciousness must be build from the center out and the center of consciousness must your idea of what of the Meaning of Life is. Without a clear strong center you will never get a clear strong consciousness. Having a strong center allows each person to relate to themselves rather than others and so status becomes a lot less important. From this clear center Evolving Consciousness becomes no only possible, but quite easy and all things start to ‘fall into place’.
Just by contemplating that Evolving Consciousness is the Meaning of is Life you will begin to change. You will have found a fixed point, a center, from which you can build a new way of looking at yourself and the world. Logic needs a central idea to which all other concepts can be compared. Once you have that ‘centre’ your powers of logical thought will improve and you will start to see things more clearly. As we discussed, your emotions are more powerful than your thoughts but they only know what the mind shows them. Our emotions ‘crave’ security and a sense of purpose and so once knowledge of Meaning of Life is established in the mind the emotions will attach themselves to this readily. Then the deep nagging anxiety, the insinuation that life is futile will gradually disappear and be replaced by a feeling of inner certainty and purpose. Once the emotions are hooked into Evolving Consciousness it will become a ‘reality’ for you. You will begin to change, to metamorphose, literally as your emotions control your hormones and so even your body will be positively affected. You will seize to be a ‘brick’ in the pyramid and become a new and better type of human being; a ‘Monad’.
The easiest to describe the Monad is those Russian dolls that are all identical except for size and fit one inside another. Monads are all replicas of the ‘Great Monad’ the Universal Being, God, godhead, whatever name you like to use. The true nature of each human is a tiny replica of this Universal Consciousness, but bestowed with a unique and wonderful individuality. All individuals are equal, but in terms of size of achievement some are larger. This allows for the idea of leadership without the having to have an ‘elite’.
Each human Monad is a like a small but extremely potent globe glowing with the power of creation. The ramifications, the lasting and increasing effects, of this are powerful and profound. You will be a unit of the Godhead centered and aligned, an agent for evolution, instead of part of a tired old world in decline. This will affect those around you whether you discuss with them or not. People are very intuitive when it comes to noticing changes in perspective, changes in the way someone else looks at life.
People you know who are living in the world of endlessly shifting status will realize that you are subtly different. You will become a fixed point in the lives of others as you are a linked directly to the sublime.
The Monad is also a way that an individual person can join with others a bit like the ‘bricks’ in the pyramid. The advantage of Monad is it does not rely on status to find its place. Monads can relate out of mutual respect instead of ‘one-upmanship’. When times change the Monads ‘go with the flow’ and ‘evolve’ their way out of trouble - Monads evolve while ‘bricks’ sink.
Lastly, I want you to think about this: That all of human misery, poverty, exploitation, war, and every kind of social and personal ill are caused by one ‘Great Mistake’ made long ago. This Great Mistake is the idea that society can built the same way you build a pyramid and that humans can be ‘cemented’ into place like ‘bricks’. This means that what is commonly called ‘evil’ may not really be ‘evil’ at all, and that ‘sin’ is really just the product of error of error rather malice.
How many people do you know who are truly and intentionally malicious?  I have been around this world and I have only ever met a handful. How many people do you know who misguided? That I couldn’t count, because it’s just about everyone.
Take all the people in ‘enforcement’ the army the police and so on. These guys mostly enter those professions with at least the intention of ‘helping other people’. They usually get seriously disillusioned as find out that they are being used as ‘props’ (another construction item) to support a system that cannot really be supported. Once disillusion sets in corruption readily follows and many people in enforcement become pretty unpleasant individuals, but it’s not really their ‘fault’ in a personal sense; they were just ‘wrong’ that’s all.
Criminals often are people who don’t like being told what to do and what to think. Their first ‘crime’ is merely to wish to have some personal freedom. This can get you into trouble at home, at school, and so your employment opportunities are strictly limited - I know this form personal experience. I’ve had friends get into crime and at first they don’t do anything really bad and are quite ‘honorable’ in their own way. But the life of crime is even more corrupt than the life of enforcement and in end they just about always ‘go rotten’. Nearly every profession you can imagine is basically the same; the pointlessness of life in the pyramid corrupts virtually everyone in the end.
In the pyramid each ‘brick’ has no real idea why it is there or what it is trying to be achieved, its existence is purely relative. Human beings cannot live without reason and so each ‘brick’ will develop strange half formed ideas of the Meaning of Life. This in turn means that there is little hope of getting the ‘bricks’ to agree about anything. You can see this is true if you look at politics. There are many aspects of world affairs that just about all politicians will privately admit are totally absurd, yet still in public they carry on waving the same worn out old banners. They do this not because they want to but because they know no better.
The positive point here is that hardly anyone wants the world to be like this. The ills of the world are not caused ‘human nature’[3] as this commonly believed, just by human error. If the folly of mankind is really just a ‘mistake’ that is much easier to cope with than if it is the product of ‘evil’. Trying to change people because you belief they are evil, is very dangerous, they may fight to death rather that admit that. Calmly and patiently trying to convince they have made a serious but perfectly understandable error, is a lot easier and safer. So, I ask you to consider this carefully and if you think it is true, please try to change even just a little, to evolve and become a better person and in so doing make the world a better place.
If enough people become ‘Monads’ in this way then, who knows, the very pyramids themselves may start to evolve, into giant stable Mega Monads, in which all are equal and wealth is shared.

[1] Each of the great religions has noble qualities. From my limited experience, Buddhism has tolerance, Christianity has caring, and Islam has hospitality.
[2] Recognition means the way we know what something is, I see an object, I compare it to a memory and if it fits then I have recognized it. Cognition means thinking about something you have recognized.
[3] We really have very little idea what ‘human nature’ is. You cannot remove a baby from all cultural stereotypes, and even if you could it would be a ‘freak’. So, don’t fall for ‘its human nature’ as an excuse for pessimism.

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