Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fresh insights into the relationship between the emotions and the bod

I have been having some fresh insights into the relationship between the emotions and the body. We all know that we feel emotions in the heart, the liver and so on, but that these feeling are actually projections from the brain. What is more important though is that the body amplifies the emotions; somewhat like an electric guitar amplifies the signal from guitar strings.This is why we do not feel our emotions in our brains, because the signal is weak there.
The next important realization I have had is that the organs act as short term stores for the emotion. Feelings. like thoughts have a short life span in the brain, so the organs provide continuity of feeling. In terms of positive feelings this is a good thing, in terms of negative emotions is extremely bad.
This understanding makes it possible to use the emotions in  a much more positive way.By consciously allowing only positive emotions to be amplified one can use the organs as stores of positive emotions. This improves health and creates a huge of fund of positivity

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