Monday, November 28, 2011

The Full Course of Evolving Consciousness

The Full Course of Evolving Consciousness

The Evolving Consciousness Mental Exercise Program

Evolving Consciousness is series of mental exercises that build in complexity and power. A new exercise is added every ten days and is designed to lift you to a higher level of consciousness. The full course is one hundred days, ten levels of consciousness.

  1. Energy gathering
  2. Emotional feedbacks loops
  3. The Image of Perfect Adulthood
  4. The True Self – Everything you are, will be or could be
  5. Undumping Negative Emotion – Freeing the brain from old negative emotional loops
  6. The Alchemical Wedding – The lesser romance or the marriage between the male and female aspects of your being
  7. Introduction to the Spiritual World – Strange tales from other dimensions
  8. The Great Romance – All love and every noble thought originates from one source. In addition all your love that was disappointed still exists at this source. No good intention is ever lost or wasted and everything you have lover will be returned to you. Nirvana is not an empty void but a world of love and journey there is one Great Romance.
  9. The Emergence of Hero – At some point in the process of perfecting yourself you will begin to become a ‘hero’ a being capable of overcoming evil and creating a better world for all to live in.
  10. Breaking the circle of Fear – The human race is checked from reaching its true potential by wall of fear and insinuation. Once you have become the hero you can shatter this barrier and stand free and proud.

Energy Gathering
Imagine your consciousness is a hot air balloon, and aging is gravity. There are only two ways to beat gravity; you can increase the heat of the burner, or make the balloon lighter. The first level of Evolving Consciousness teaches you how make to make more heat. The foundation technique of Evolving Consciousness is ‘power gathering’. The world around is like great battery and there many types energy all around us all the time; all we have to do is learn how to collect them.
Most of you will have had experience of this. If you spend time in the country, enjoying yourself, exercising and relaxing you always feel ‘charged up’ and body feels slightly larger and you ‘glow’, and this ‘glow’ can be seen from the outside by other people as well. You have absorbed natural energy without even really trying. Evolving Consciousness has a method for gathering this natural energy in a systematic way that is much more powerful than just ‘absorbing’ it.
In Yoga they also gather energy, but they use the breathing, in conjunction with the power of the mind. In Evolving Consciousness we gather though the skin and use the power of the emotions. The skin is larger than the lungs and the emotions are much more powerful than the mind and so we can gather much more power in a shorter time than traditional techniques can. 
Evolving Consciousness is all about harnessing the power of the emotions and your first task is to learn how attach emotion to natural energy in the outside world and draw it back into your body. Before trying this though you need to ‘warm up’ by practicing attaching your emotions to emotional keywords. Emotional keywords are words that invoke emotions; happy, sad, love, hate, joy, anger and so on. Practice saying these word and putting the emotion ‘into them’. This will teach how to ‘lead’ your emotions, but this is not the same as ‘controlling’ your emotions. The emotions are playful and enjoy this kind of game, they do want your mind wants them to, because they want to as well. Don’t kid yourself that you can make them do anything they really do no want so easily – this is the difference between Evolving Consciousness and mind control, the emotions and the mind work as team of equals not a hierarchy with the mind in charge. 
Next you must learn to move your awareness beyond the confines of your body. This is pretty easy as we have a wide natural field of awareness. A little bit harder is to shift your concentration beyond the body to the extent of your awareness. You will know when you have achieved this, because world outside will feel more ‘full’ than the world inside your body. This concentration is very hard to maintain for more than a few seconds, but you do not need to. The emotions easy follow the concentration and this is what you must do. The process is actually the same as making them follow your concentration on an ‘emotional keyword’. It’s something that you just ‘do’ not something you think about. Don’t worry I have shown this trick to plenty of people and everyone gets it in a few tries. 
As soon as your emotions are beyond body you can withdraw them. Emotions and ‘sticky’ by nature and they bring back energy with them, much more energy the power of the mind can ever bring. At first doing this is very hard work, but unlike the mind which is ever restless, the emotions are creatures of habit and after you have been doing this for a few days they will begin to do it on their own and your mind will be free to learn your next level of consciousness. Evolving Consciousness is all about getting a better understanding of how your consciousness works and then exploiting this to your maximum benefit.

Emotional Feedback Loops.
We feel emotion in our bodies, mostly the heart but we now know from modern science that emotions actually originate in the brain and what we feel in the body is just a ‘projection’ (old fashioned meditation techniques still teach that this as a fact, but this is incorrect and leads to all manner of spiritual confusion). Evolving Consciousness goes further and states that the body acts as an ‘amplifier’ for the emotions. A small amount of anxiety on the brain increases in signal strength when it reaches the heart. This larger signal in the heart is then fed back to brain and this is how an ‘emotional feedback loop’ is created, and in this case an ‘anxiety attack’ is the result. Once the emotions have become amplified and are feeding back the effect is extremely hard to change and usually runs until there is another more powerful stimulus from outside or the person becomes exhausted.
The art of Evolving Consciousness is firstly to learn set up strong positive emotional energy loops that ‘drown out’ the negative ones. This is done by forming the ‘long loop’. In the normal person emotional loops are between the brain and the chest, the organs below this form a kind of ‘sump’ into which ‘left over’ emotional energy sinks. This is not a healthy arrangement; the loop from the brain to the heart is very short and very sensitive, it is easy affected by negative stimulus from outside and tends to ‘panic’.  In Evolving Consciousness we actively create an emotional loop between the brain and the lower abdomen, from below the belly button into the sex organs. While exercising we create positive emotional energy and consciously move it in-between these two areas, the upper brain, and lower abdomen at a steady rhythm. If this done for an hour or more each day it creates a ‘habit’ a permanent shift in the  configuration of consciousness – a shift from negative to positive.
The ‘Long Loop’ is much more stable than the ‘Short Loop’ and also invigorates all the organs and increases hormone production in the Gonads.  From the lower abdomen the emotion can also reach into the legs improving strength and circulation.  The big problem with the short emotional loop between the chest and brain is that it feeds back like crazy and this means even positive emotions like joy, can be harmful. Experiencing too much joy too quickly drains you and leaves you open to feeling depressed as soon as the joy has worn off. This why most meditation masters warn against positive emotion and encourage students to suppress them. This is a mistake, suppressing emotion does not remove it and it always finds a way to surface again, and when it does it is angry at having been suppressed. The correct thing to do is use the Long Emotional Loop which has a more gentle and steady feedback rate and produces sustainable positive emotions which are of great benefit to your whole consciousness and project positivity into the world outside as well.. 

The Image of Perfect Adulthood
Our consciousness and bodies are programmed and every program must have a ‘reference’ point. In case of our growth and decline this reference is the ‘The Image of Perfect Adulthood’. This image is the most perfect condition you could ever attain given the best possible circumstances. When you are growing the body adjusts your hormones to try to attain this ideal. As you decline your body again uses the hormones, but this time to age you in carefully measured increments. Without The Image of Perfect Adulthood the body would have no idea of its relative position in time. The art of Evolving Consciousness is to first find The Image of Perfect Adulthood and then using the Long Emotional Loop project it through the entire body. The aging program is based on a scan, it scans every part of your body and systematically ages it. In Evolving Consciousness we set up our own scan using the Image of Perfect Adulthood and try to scan more often than the aging program does – in this way we can make ourselves younger, more quickly than the aging program makes us old. This would be impossible using the power of the mind, your concentration would run out long before you made any significant difference to your age. The art of Evolving Consciousness only uses the power of the mind to help set up positive emotional energy loops and it is these loops that do the work. Emotions are creatures of habit and once they are set on a course they will continue it indefinitely. The mind cannot win against the aging program but the emotions can. 

The higher levels I only give in summary because you are not ready to comprehend them until you have your consciousness and body has been exalted by practicing the foundations of Evolving Consciousness.


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