Friday, November 18, 2011

The Physical Exercise Set

The Physical Exercise Set

The exercises of Evolving Consciousness are thorough and complete, starting with the circulation and working systematically through to the extremities nothing is left out.

We start with a brief warm up for the arms and hips to loosen the body and open the lungs. Then we have a Kundalini power set which is the foundation of  Evolving Consciousness. The circulation is controlled by three organs; the lungs, heart and liver and of these we can only fully control the lungs. Kundalini yoga comprises fast breathing that strengthens the lungs stimulates the heart and massages the liver bringing all these into full function. More than this fast breathing opens the mind and creates a powerful ‘natural high’. Once ‘high’ the mind comprehend higher levels of consciousness and the emotions will automatically begin attach to exalted reality and this is the secret of Evolving Consciousness personal change.
After the Kundalini we loosen up more fully and use ‘yin and yang’ postures to make the hips more flexible and improve overall body synchronization. Yin and yang postures are fundamental to chi gong and tai chi and although unfortunately seldom taught to foreigners just about all Chinese Students learn this way (I met an old Chinese lady practicing Tai Chi in Chiang Mai and she asked to see my chi gong. She clapped her hands with pleasant and said “Oh, you know yin yang postures very well, I have never seen a foreigner who could do this, how did you learn?” I told her I had learned in Hong Kong (Actually from a Serbian Tai Chi Master!), and she said ‘You are lucky we don’t usually teach foreigners this way” I asked her why not and she answered “They wouldn’t understand”. Chinese logic!).
At the same time as loosening and working the arms legs feet and ankles we begin a set of finger and wrist exercises to insure full strength and proper circulation in the hands. We continue the hand exercises while practice slow walking. This is quite like the Buddhist slow walking excepts there is more attention to posture and the set is used to correct to the walking gate at the same time as calm the mind and exercise the finger – in Evolving Consciousness we don’t waste any time!
After this we practice some unique and powerful physiotherapy exercises that thoroughly and completely work and correct the lower spine, sacrum, sacroiliac and coccyx.

The last exercise set is chi gong with eleven special Chinese exercises combining posture with slow movement and the yin yang hips. This set sends all the blood and vital energy to every part of the body and corrects and improves balance, strength, flexibly as well creating a clear and peaceful mind. For those who know how this set is the perfect warm up for Tai Chi practice.
This is the full set and takes about two hours, however, it be broken down into units which are practiced on alternate days for those who do not have time for the full set every day.

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