Sunday, December 14, 2014

Introducing Chompoola Ritual yoga and. Rejuvenation update

Ediolan  (hello I open my heart for you)
Long time since I posted, but I have really busy coming up hot rejuvenation ideas which I am now ready to share.
Chompoola is the name of the new world of peace, love and freedom that we are creating using the power of ritual magic. To mAke this work we are creating anew language of power words and symbols. Combining ritual magic with yoga and chanting  makes fantastic power for rejuvenation and spreads a mighty aura of love like a giant balloon of bliss around us when we practice. Check out this VDO we made today and see for yourself.

Super cool Chompoola ritual with kundalini power

Above me yesterday and below me back in 2011 big difference, big rejuvenation

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