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Psychic self defense against 'trash and dump' negative energy dumpingvampires

Transferring energy from one person to another perfectly normal. If a friend is depressed and in a low energy condition we attempt to 'pick them up' by giving them some of our energy. You have probably experienced this yourself as it is really not unusual. It is also likely that you know somebody who always seem to be a negative mind state and habitually takes energy from anyone who is around them. This type of person is the prototype of the energy vampire. The true energy vampire though is much more systematic and aware of what they doing as they have practiced it until it become an art. They can control how much they take from each victim accurately. Mostly they avoid taking much at a time and prefer to 'skim' a little off lots of people. One of the most common traits of the energy vampire is that they often overly sociable. Another kind will work somewhere where they in contact a with lot of people. This sounds relatively harmless, but there is a darker side, emotional dumping. The energy from humans is not pure, not pure at all, as it contains negative emotions. These cannot be digested by the vampire, but remain in the vampire causing all manner of sickness and ill fortune. The way they deal with this is to find a victim and instead taking their energy they dump their own waste. The victim of energy sucking needs to be strong, but the victim of dumping needs to be weak. The vampire will often first drain a person, then humiliate them, so they are weak of body and spirit, before putting in the dump. This can cause someone to become ill or even die. This is the most basic way that curses are applied.
So, how to protect yourself? Firstly try to spot energy vampires and keep out of their way. If you fail to do this then your only real defense is the strength of your character; your uniqueness of being, or personal sovereignty.

It was back in 2011 that I wrote a post about psychic self defense, energy vampires and emotional dumping. That post has now received nearly half a million veiws and had become something of a classic. What I wrote back then has stood the test of time in regard of this type of menace, however my methods of dealing with this type of threat of changed considerably. In particular I am now using ritual magic and spells in way that this quick easy and effective. I am sufficiently confident of my work to begin sharing these techniques on the web.
Firstly, l want to remind you how a curse is constructed. When someone places a curse they transfer negative emotional energy from themselves to another person, this is called 'dumping'. Bad people always have lots of negative feelings they wish to dispose of, so they are always looking for new victims. After they have made the 'dump' they feel cleaner, stronger, younger, and so their motivation is obvious. The victim on the other hand feels the reverse, older, weak, and dirty.
'Trash and dump' 
In order to transfer negative emotion to another person it is necessary to create a channel by which the energy can flow. Mostly, dumpers use people they are in physical contact with, in which case making the channel does not require anything but the desire to dump. Dumpers are usually energy vampires as well so the channel has already been made to suck energy. A favored target is usually someone who is passing through their lives, or someone they wish to remove from their lives. This 'trash and dump' strategy is favored because it is very safe and clean - the dump is gone and so is the victim and any repercussion most unlikely. Dumpers are secritve and paranoid by nature and ever wary that people will work out what they are up to as even without using a spell just the knowledge you have been dumped on gives considerable protection. The spells I am giving you are designed to deal with this kind of common dumping. With other kinds of dumping they should be useful but without knowing the exact circumstances I can't say whether they will work

Knowing when you have been 'dumped'. dumpers will almost always try to soften up the victim first, usually by putting them down, making them feel small; humiliating them any way they can (very often it will be someone has initially been flattering and supportive who suddenly switches and turns on you; rich people very often use this trick) Only more sophisticated dumpers can dump directly without the softening up process, and only real black adepts make a curse on a person they have no direct contact with. Real adepts mostly leave ordinary people alone as thy have bigger fish to fry, so you are unlikely to have a problem with them.So if someone goes out of their way to befriend then belittle you in someway, eject you from their life and after this you feel unreasonably, miserable, tired, ill then there is a fair chance you have had dump curse put on you.

The process of making a channel and dumping has an inherent flaw; the channel can flow both ways. Furthermore, Dump, negative emotional energy prefers to remain with its original host, so if the victim is aware of what taken place it much easier to 'bounce' the dump back than it was to send it in the first place.
Undoing a curse is much easier and less risky than making one! The only reason dumpers get away with their nasty tricks is very few people have the faintest idea how to undo a curse. 
There is little more satisfying in this world than seeing face of someone who has dumped on you after you have sent the dump back. It is hard to describe but you will know what I mean if you see it. The person looks pale, draw and scared, just like any bully who has met his match and taken a beating. Better still in the process of sending back their dump some your own negative emotions will transfer back to the dumper, so you will feel, stronger, younger and happier. 
When undumping it does not matter if you make a mistake and have not been cursed at all, or cursed by someone other than one you suspect as the spell will only return the dump to its true original host who created the channel between you and them.
So, undumping of this specific kind is pretty safe, however be warned the dumper may try again, that is why after you have made the un dump you should perform a second ritual in the next twenty four hours or so to seal the Chanel between you. If that fails then you should just repeat the procedure. Provided the person is out of your life then their ability to make multiple attacks decreases as time passes. The only real problem I can think of is if the dumper having failed at using magic, tries other more worldly means to harm you, however dumpers mostly are bullies and so cowardly at heart or they would not have used such underhand methods in the first place. The chances the dumper will just take the fall and look for an easier target next time. 
If the dumper is part of, or in some way involved with your life, in love, at work or at home and so represents an ongoing threat to your well being, that is another matter and not one I can help you with - some battles you have fight for yourself. You can still use the spells, but they are not designed for this kind of situation and there is nothing to stop an derminned dumper from remaking the channel over and over.

How to perform an undumping ritual.
The first thing you need to do draw an image or symbol that represents the suspected dumper and how you feel about them. This won't and shouldn't be pretty. Take your time, have number of tries until you are satisfied that you captured the feeling and the person. Then take a clean sheet of paper and begin to write your spell (I use my own specially created set of power words to make spell, but although these at not secret I am not happy to release them accpet to people I know personally, so you will have use your native language).
(Note: The problem with normal language is that the words have many different meanings and this cna confuse you when you are trying to concentrate on your ritual - this why I use my own power words the meanings of which are unequivocal. The best around this is write a single definition of the words you are going to use beforehand. For example, the word love, is used to mean love in general, romance, affection, lust, brotherly love, infatuation, caring, and so on. So if you were to use the word 'love' a spell you should write beforehand which of these you mean. )
The spell for undumping in English goes like this;
 cut (name of person) out of my life undump, undump, UNDUMP. So you need to write that under the symbolic image you have drawn.

Next you need a candle, some incense, so water and a piece of stone. The stone is used firstly to absorb negative energy and then in the second ritual you use it again to help 'seal the channel. You splash the water on yourself before and after for symbolic cleansing. You the need to find a suitable place to perform the ritual, you can do it in your home, but I prefer to go elsewhere, as you don't really want negative energy hanging around your place, weather permitting an out door location is good. If you have to,use your home give it a good clean whe you are finished and if possible have some friends round for a a drink and some cheerful chatter.
The great advantage of rituals is that they take much less time to prepare or perform but have profound effects. 
Making the ritual:
Place the paper in front of you weighted down with the stone, light the incense and candle solemnly and then repeat the words:
cut (name of person) out of my life undump, undump, UNDUMP. 
Start quietly but build in volume and emotion as you all your anger at being mistreated comes out. As you get to the climax pick the stone up and bang it hard on the paper three times shouting
undump, undump, UNDUMP.
Lastly, pick up the paper and burn it in front your eyes while still making the chant - blow away the ashes.
Then you should leave the place of ritual quickly and go for a drink and something to eat, preferably find a friend a to talk to, but not about the ritual as you should do your best to put it out your mind.

The channel sealing ritual: the design below is called the seal of Nezarem and is of my own design. You should copy this design freehand on to the paper you are going to use for the spell. Don't worry about the acuracy of your drawing as it the feeling you put into it that counts. (The seal,of Nezarem is great image to use for visualization practice in meditation. Try to see it in all four directions and above and below you)


The sealing spell should be made the following day after the undumping. All you need is a written spell, the stone, a candle and incense. This time just copy the Nezarem and write below it:

Seal (name of person) out of life, break the Chanel between us.

Repeat the same procedure as before, but at end this time after you have finished take the stone with you and throw it away somewhere, a rubbish dump is a good place.

Warning: magical rituals may be not be suitable for persons of an unduly nervous disposition. You are likely to experience powerful emotions and there are often unaccountable happenings. Lights and other electrical equipment may suddenly fail, and there will be an atmosphere of doom around you just before during and imeadiately after the ritual. This not surprising as modern science recognizes that the energy fields created by the human brain can have a considerable effect on objects in its vacinity. This effect is greatly enhanced when one experiences powerful emotions. You need to remain focussed on your task and complete it as I have instructed, once the emotions calm again normal conditions will resume.
Remember that, If you were not in trouble and had not some unpleasant and unaccountable experience you never need to apply this kind of procedure in the first place. In order to escape from a curse a good measure of corage and fortitude is required. Magic of this kind is battle of wills, yours against a dumpers. The reason for using a spell is to focus all your power of consciousness on the task hande. So if you are of sound mind and strong in spirit your chance of success dealing with 'dump and move on' curses is extremely high, because undumping is fundamentally easier than dumping.
As I said before serious black magic practitioners seldom attack unless they see the chance to make a considerable profit from their actions - making petty curses is just not worth their while. If by a chance you do come up against something like this then you are in big trouble, however the spells I have given you are not likely to make things worse and may be a useful first step toward gauging exactly what you are up against.

Lastly always  remember: Enoomi Ekoolan Akoran Ekdo, the evolution of consciousness is the meaning of life. That which aids this noble goal is good. That which hinders it is evil

Kieran Enoomi ekolan somba. ( I hope I have helped with evolution!
 Good luck

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