Sunday, December 14, 2014

The philosophy behind Chompoola Ritual Yoga for evolving consciousness

Chompoola is a new word I have created to describe the new world of freedom, love and cooperation that we are creating using the power of ritual magic combined with yoga and meditation. This new world is an alternative perceptual dimension. What do I mean by that? The Easiest way to explain is to use the world we are escaping from as an example. When people talk about the 'real' world what usually mean is the perceptual dimension of of human relations, which unfortunately is all to often a world of unhappiness. Mostly it is not what reality truly is that matters but what we perceive it to be. Take money for instance, money is just paper, or digits in a computer, but it's power to control people's lives is self evident. Yet, the value of money is entirely governed by perception, the perception of value held by those who use it.  The power of money is rooted deep in the emotional matrix of each person and is not influenced much by belief or faith - whatever you think about money it's power is still 'real'.
This world of money is under pinned be three concepts each of which can be expressed by a basic geometric symbol: the square, or cube represents the field of competition. Like the gladiatos of old Human beings are forced into brutal competitor with each other in this field and according to how well they compete they given status. Status brings us to the next symbol; the triangle of pyramid. A pyramid is made of blocks, each blocks is fixed in place by the weight of the surrounding blocks. This is fine for pieces of stone, but human beings are never satisfied to remain fixed and constantly try to move, to be free. This creates intolerable pressure, causing discord, decease, misery and madness. In order to maintain the strict discipline of the pyramid of humanity the weight of the blocks is insufficient and chains must applied to each individual. These chains are the routines that people are forced into, the daily grind, as it is popularly known. Having one day's cut into sections, sleep, commute, work, relax, means that there is never time enough to grow and evolve, never to think deeply and Plan an escape. Routine can symbolized by the circle. So no we have a ball, within a pyramid within a cube to symbolized to so called 'real' world, but this still not quite sufficient. However, we still have not defined the elite few who have most to gain from this arrangement. To do this we must slice of the top of the pyramid, for elite do not wish to be part of the status games of the multitude and add an eye with which they can look down see that their orders are being fulfilled (I have added some nasty looking tentacles emanating from the eye for effect ) We now have something that looks like this:

This world of repression we call the 'drogspreth' and as such it represents what we are escaping from and wish finally overthrow. Now we must define the qualities of the world we are replacing the drogspreth with: Chompoola. Chompoola can symbolized using the exact same geometric forms, the difference is that in Chomoopla each forms has an 'escape hole' and so now the daily routine represents a healthy disciple that leads to personal evolution, the pyramid a way of cooperating with others, a platform from to launch your dreams. Lastly the square becomes a place friendly competition which helps to evolve your being to its highest potential, freedom, with the possibility of eternal beautiful life. The next design is called 'Enoomi ekolan Acoran ekdo', or the evolving consciousness is the meaning of life:

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