Thursday, September 17, 2015

Five years on the consciousness marathon - what has been achieved

The last five years years of my life, 56 - 61 years old have been the longest, the toughest and the most productive of my life. The longest: well it's seems eons ago I started the consciousness marathon. I have changed so much in that time. The hardest; I came much closer to my demise than at any time previously. The most rewarding; I have discovered the secret of getting stronger and younger against the aging process in its full and terrible might and in circumstances that have been difficult in the extreme. I have found the true meaning of life and how to use it. I have created a new magical language which is powerful and true. Lastly I have created a spell that will save the human race or at least part of it.
True, I still face many challenges and the way is far from clear, but every time I think things are getting impossible I only have to look back at what I have been through to realize how much better off I am now. I have only to look in mirror to feel reassured, I look good these days!  I have dreaded mirrors for decades.
The secret of getting younger and stronger is a path I call 'The path of invisible steps'. Invisible, because they are steps in time not in space and because do not exist until you make them. Every mortal being gets weaker after the age of about twenty on average by 2%  in one year. In order to overcome e the aging process one must become stronger by more than this. Power is everything, that which has greatest power always wins and the material world will adjust to allow the powerful of will to do what they wish. Worldly power corrupts, but magical liberates, and absolute magical power liberates absolutely. The reason the worldly become corrupt is because they find that even if they succeed in their mascinations they still have no real power over things that matter most and the things that their power rewards them with are temporary consolidations for the loss of youth and existence.
Those with magical power however, live on and become more and more idealistic as they see with their own eyes how the power of magic can transform all that is ugly to beauty and all that is weak to strong.

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