Sunday, September 6, 2015

How real magic works

  How does real magic work?

Real Magic, which is not slight on hand, or any similar connivance, requires that we embrace a sophisticated view space/time. It is a common misconception that we live in a five dimensional world; time being the fifth dimension. In magic time itself has at least three dimensions, furthermore these dimensions, like those of the physical world exist only in relativity to to each other.
A thing cannot simply appear for the micro second of the present only to disappear into the past, and so: for something to exist  in the present it must have already existed in the future.  This means that future exists prior to present and so can be seen as the past; the foundation of the present. The present is actually the final outcome of an equation begun in the future. Once an equation is complete it becomes 'obsolete' and so the past, as it commonly understood, a memory, the obsolete remant of an ongoing process of  'becoming'. The reason the past is obsolete is because it is outcome is already determined and it contains no new information, no entropy, no chaos, and so it is no longer 'real'. Reality, present and future, is unpredictable as a matter of of necessity, as once all the entrophy/chaos/information has been removed it then collapses and is compressed into a memory.
Magic is the attempt to attain a preferable present time situation by altering the future rather merely by rearranging the present. Magic is necessary because rearranging the present is never truly satisfactory
and the more we fiddle with the present the worse mess we get into. The reason for this is simple: in order to control the present you must control the future. The leaders in today's world attempt to do this by using the past, memory as a model to interpret the future. This undertaking is doomed to failure, because the one thing the future will never do is repeat a pattern that has already been completed. The day the presents repeats the past will be the end of space time, because the fuel of reality is entrophy, chaos, information, and this will have run dry. As long as there is still entrophy/chaos/information in supply  the process of becoming is still incomplete and so life must continue. The memory of prior events must be retained so that any forecoming event can be checked for uniqueness. If there was not a memory then the past would be able to repeat itself and so: the very function the past as a memory is to insure that it is never repeated and this is why the past will never be a reliable model for the future.
The relationship between present and future, is an intimate two way conversation, with constant adjustments taking place inbetween that which ' is in being' and that which is 'becoming'. In the infinite future there is pure entrophy/chaos/information and as yet no patterns or constants have been establishedFor a universe to take shape a template must be formed. The template has no dimensional attributes  and so, remains in the future as a structural marker, a set of parameters by which everything that will come into existence within any particular universe will be constrained. Once the template is complete a universe can come into existence with a bang as the unlimited pressure of pure ECI rushes into the vacuum created by the template. Successive evolutions of energy configurations are expressed at lighting speed and almost instantly will reach their completeness. At this point a universe may seize to exist and be consigned to memory, unless of course new levels of evolution can be foresee. This is a bit like adding another digit to telephones numbers: with each successive digit so added an expedanial increase increase in ECI is created. Energy into matter is responsible for next level of evolution of our universe and opens up possibilities fit to last billions of years. Having a significant evolutionary process allows time as we know it to become a factor.
The addition of sentient life has added an incalculable amount of fresh ECI to our universe, enough for trillions of years one might speculate.  However, there is a snag, evolution appears to be speeding up and if that is so, then the amount of fresh ECI required to maintain physical reality must similarly be increased, if the collapse of space time into memory is to be avoided - enter highly intelligent sentient beings.
Human beings have and continue to create fresh ECI at a frenetic pace, but even we are in danger of running out of options. Although our phenomenal ingenuity has brought much to wonder at into existence the constants of our template are becoming all too apparent. The way we react is becoming too predictable and that spells extinction. The scenes change and so does technology, but game remains the same. The values by which we live today and the dilemmas these create would be perfectly recognizable to an Ancient Greek, Babalonian, and to the denizens of many other long extinct cultures before us. Selfishness, greed, violence, incompetence limit what can be achieved and changing technology is only a short term fix. Whether AI can ever create fresh ECI is not known at this stage, but there is no sign or indication that it can.  A computer would need not only to be self programming, but ├áble to break its own program at 'will' to create true ECI otherwise it's workings however well disguised, are entirely predicable and so contain no information.
This brings us back to the long rejected practice of magic. The true reason behind the rejection of magic is fear; fear of the unknown. Magic is unherantly and openly unpredictable; as opposed to technology which is inherently predictable. Magic is irrational, based on concepts that never be proved and experiments that can never be recreated; magic is ultimate generator of ECI. True magic accepts no limitations.
Magic can never be a religious practice and magic is as much of an anathema to religion as it to materialism.
Religion always requires acceptance of a status quo, albeit theory ally a Devine one. Religion constrains behaviour and limits possibility. Magic only accepts limitation temporarily, any hindrances to return to pure unlimited potential can never be tolerated in the long run.

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