Sunday, April 23, 2017

 In the praise of monkeys, imagination and the evolutionary value of masturbation

 In the praise of monkeys, imagination and the evolutionary value of masturbation

When scientists talk about the ‘the great leap ‘of evolution that led to the evolution of the human beings they usually mean the leap down from the trees. Apes became men and the rest is history. Sure, that true as far as it goes, but what about the ‘great leap ‘up into the trees? Monkeys are the prototype of all apes and hominids, once the monkey evolved the rest was a foregone conclusion. Monkeys are the first creatures to be so well able to survive that mere survival is not their main concern most of the time and they are more worried about their social status than anything else. Monkeys invented complex social behavior, things like the class system. Other mammals have higher and lower ranging individuals, but not multi-tiered and certainly not based on lineage. Other mammals base their status on strength and intelligence, and the probably don’t even know who was born to who, but many monkey species do. Monkey also invented war; one troupe will go into battle with another just humans do, with a battle plan, specialist fighters, dirty tactics, Intel the lot.

Another very important monkey invention is masturbation. Previous animals can do this, but without hands there is limit on the pleasure gauge. Masturbation requires that a sexually exciting image is created in the brain. This was very possibly the origin of imagination as we know it.

The remorselessness nature inter species rivalry means that monkeys are constantly plotting and scheming how to deal with their fellows. This competition has produced spectacular evolutionary results which are evident all around us. More high powered tech has been created for war than peace, and of that which is created peacefully more owes its existence to greed rather than altruism.  So, rigid class structure and intense inter species competition is a really good thing. Well, its good for monkeys and apes, and early humans, but imagine a monkey with modern weapons. In truth, when it comes to power politics people are no better than monkeys and in fact their extra intellect means they can do all kinds of horrible cruel things monkeys cannot aspire to. Or glorious leaders past and present are no different to upper class monkeys living in trees. Is that evolution, I don’t think so, I would call it regression, devolution, downward spiral, vicious circle. There has been no true social evolution in the human in recorded history. Read the classics, people then were smart and bemoaned problems of politics and were aware of the idiocy of it all. As of today, they just accepted the evils of society as necessary and pinned their hopes on some new invention, new political elite, system of government, religion, or whatever to put to matters right. This approach has failed for thousand=ds of years and will continue to do so. The answer lies not in society but in the individual.

Take a look at yourself, how do you evaluate your being? The vast majority of people decide what is worthy or unworthy about themselves in terms of the affirmations or condemnations they receive from other people. As you read this article you will almost certainly be comparing it to other things you have heard of that sounded vaguely similar. Now when you want to buy a used car, compare and contrast is a valid exercise. This is because compare and contrast work well when you are comparing like with like. In order evaluate your consciousness however comparison will not work. This is because you are a unique individual and comparing yourself to other people, or ideas is not helpful. In order to evolve we must leave social pressures behind, learn to ignore the advice of others. Once free from outside interference your true nature will be revealed to you and with the knowledge of how to overcome your fate and seize your destiny.

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