Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Save the World!

How to save the world!
Part one (I will adding more to this post)

That’s sounds like a big task right? Well, lots of things people thought were impossible turn out to be perfectly possible if you apply the right techniques. For the world to be saved people have to change the way they evaluate things. The systems that we live in is may be heavily manipulated by the people at the top, but it is created by the people at the bottom. What we buy, what we value, what give loyalty to,  and most of all what energy we project broadly decides what society is like and the overall quality of life.  To make good choices we need a clear head, and a positive feeling. If you are filled with negative emotions then this influences your judgment at every level and event. The choices you make will hurt rather than help. If you are in a positive state of mind the reverse is true.

In order to become consistently positive it is necessary to ‘take a step back’ from reality as it commonly perceived, and make your own mind up. What do see in the world around you? What looks good and bad to you is what matters. You can’t trust other people, however qualified, to make up your mind for you. You certainly can’t trust the media, so what you see and hear for yourself is the only reliable data you possess. You can listen to anyone or anything you like, but don’t be carried along on someone else’s bandwagon. Do what you think is good, you will make mistakes, but those are your’ mistakes and you know exactly how and why you made them. Quietly resist doing anything you think is bad, and if possible get out of the way. Courage is only any use in extreme circumstances, mostly it is not worth fighting over material things.
Be aware of the power of silence, silent steady remorseless disapproval is harder for dictators to bear than rebellions. It weighs on them and undermines their claim to legitimacy, this in turn makes them more at risk of being overthrown from within or without. Steady, remorseless love and good wishes have the opposite effect, they make those they are directed feel empowered and able to achieve the higher goals. So, be careful who you give you admiration to.

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