Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Long life verus short life

Time is only a measure of change, and cannot be accurately represented in sentient beings. A clock only represents the change of its hands, which is mechanical and mechanical things don't change, so other than being of use to sync things together, in terms of sentient beings a clock has no real meaning. The rate at which we change varies enormously; take me as an example:
I am 63 years old, and to me life seems very, very long indeed. Even last year seems an eon away. Do I waste time idle chit chat, heavy drinking, monotonous servitude, pointless quarrels - hardly at all.
I don't feel old or young, I just feel the way I have always have. In my cradle, my boyhood, and so on, there has been just one consistent thing - myself as an ideal being. The truth this life has not really penetrated my consciousness. I float like a lotus flower on a lake of filthy water, I am aware of some of the nasty things happening below me, but I don't really relate to them, that's someone else's world.
Is my life particularly great and wonderful? - not really, but it has been long. One of my biggest problems is losing all the memories I have accumulated over the decades, as they take attention that I need for more urgent uses. memories slow you down and one thing you don't want to do as you get older is slow down. In fact, the older you get the harder you must try. This is because, what you lose in physical strength must be compensated for by will power and knowledge. the faster you change the longer life seems and so your last year of existence should be as long as the rest of your life combined!

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