Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What would I do if I had all the money and all time in world at my disposal?

What would I do if I had all the money and all time in world at my disposal?
I would create a new perceptual reality, a completely new way of being and establish the first true path for universal enlightenment. With unlimited resorts the only other thing i would need would be plenty patience, and given that I would be personally extremely comfortable that should no big deal.
The sad truth is the world could have been made a better place many times over if people like me (anyone who seriously wants to try) where given the resources that are freely available for those who wish to destroy the world with war, pollution, and corruption. The human demise is entirely artificial and so can be cured by artificial means.
People are conditioned by rewards and punishments. The present system simply rewards and punishes the wrong things, correct that and all will be well. Its not impossible to have a more perfect world, where people are fair and generous, taking care of our planet and each other. The saddest thing of all is hardly anyone ever really tries. In their idealistic youth many experiment with being nice, find they get taken advantage and promptly give up. Their friends and family will probably be pleased that they have 'grown up' and are now content to be part of the problem instead dissatisfied, but still trying to be part of the answer.

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