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How much valuable is your uniqueness?

Chompoola Ritual Yoga is founded upon the principle of personal sovereignty. Reality is but a feeling, and the universe floats on a vast sea of emotion from which it draws it’s power. In this uncertain and unstable world the thing that we are most certain of is our own existence. Of all the data we receive the most reliable is that of our own senses. Of everything we know, our own thoughts and opinions are the most important to us. Your pattern of likes and dislikes, is unique and all that is unique has intrinsic value.

Your personal sovereign is your right to exist as an entity in your own right. Life is a hall of mirrors, but when you look into the mirror it is someone else’s face you see. These faces are the projections of your own mind. You are surrounded by images of people who have an influence of you and these images are actively influencing you. In order to establish personal sovereignty you must learn you control the images you project. To do that you have to purify your own energy. Purify your energy is a simple enough procedure, but it is not necessarily easy.

The purest and oldest form of energy is absolute, joyful, enthusiasm.  The joy of pure sentience, this where we and everything in universe originate. And absolute, joyful enthusiasm under pins all forms of reality. So, the way to reset your consciousness to its original unique and perfect condition is to cultivate pure, joyful, enthusiasm and this is the prime objective of Chompoola yoga.
When people talk about the 'real world' what they are actually referring to is a 'perceptual reality', the world as people commonly perceive it. Different cultures over the generations have had many, many such perceived realities. The 'real world' of a stone age hunter gatherer is completely different from that of modern day person living in New York. There also innumerable sub realities, religions, crime 'families', institutions all have their sub realities. People living in any particular perceptual reality often forget that there is any other way to be, way to live. What is commonly thought of as 'human nature' is actually not any one thing at all, but is programmed by the perceived reality they inhabit.
The idea of Chompoola is create a new pure and beautiful reality for the new millennial. A perceptual reality is founded on practices and defined by language. Choompoola is a word I invented and I have invented many others. The advantage of using new words is that their meaning is pure and free from prior connotations. Take the word 'God' for instances, people ask "Do you believe in God" as if it was a simple question; it is not. There are many different ideas about what 'God' is or is not, and each of those ideas are coupled with connotations. So, what someone is really asking is do you believe in my conception of God. Therefore the word 'God' has to re-explained each time it is used and then people will still be confused.
Chompoola means a perceptual reality founded on the principle that co-operation is greater than competition and that love is greater than fear.
How does one go about creating such a perceptual reality? Well, this is what this blog is all about, so read on and learn!

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