Gathering sentient energy

Level 3: Gathering the Universal Life Force: The ‘Secret’ of Evolving Consciousness
What is it that you really own? A handful junk stuffed in to rented apartment? A second hand car bought on credit? No, what really own is the earth, stars, the four directions and all the Universal Life Force you can gather from them – you are rich, and if you are rich in Consciousness then the world is yours for the taking

If there is a single ‘secret’ to Evolving Consciousness it’s ‘gathering’ the Universal Life Force. To climb high enough to reach elevated levels of consciousness and get a really great sustainable ‘Natural High’ you need extra oomph – a little rocket fuel. The energy you can get from eating food and breathing oxygen simply won’t get the job done. It doesn’t matter how perfect your diet is, or how deeply you breath you will never get sufficient thrust to escape the ‘gravity’ of mundane existence and the material world will drag you back down to earth. With the power of the Universal Life Force at your disposal though you can learn soar and cruise at high altitude, way above the clouds. Drugs fake this effect by persuading your body to burn up energy reserves; this is why the best ‘buzz’ usually comes on your first few tries - after that it is a matter of ‘ever diminishing returns’. Energy gathering is the opposite and at first you may not feel anything much, but as your technique improves you get a bigger and bigger ‘hit’.
The Mystics, Yogis and Chi Gong masters of have long known the ‘secret’ of how to absorb the ‘Universal Life Force’ that is abundant everywhere and there for the taking. Different traditions call ‘Universal Life Force’ by different names; the Chinese call it ‘chi’ and in India it is known as Prana, there are many other names as well. Powerful energy gathering techniques are always kept in the hands of elite ‘masters’, their families and close associates who are made to swear to keep the secret. What they teach the rest of the followers is a ‘watered down’ version, with more ‘water’ and less knowledge as you go down the pyramid of the cult.
So what exactly is Universal Life Force? Universal Life Force is a subtle and complex type of energy with a primitive form of consciousness. It is the primordial (first or original) type of consciousness, ‘inorganic life force’ from which our consciousness, ‘organic life force’, has evolved. Universal Life Force is part of all evolution and may well be the cause of all evolution. Before I explain how to gather Universal Life Force though I am give you a ‘lightning’ history of the Universe. This is to make sure you have right perspective, and are ‘receptive’ for this crucial knowledge – knowledge without which significant Evolution of Consciousness is impossible.
Evolution makes matter and energy become ever more complex and well organized. The universe was once homogeneous (matter and energy evenly mixed), dark and without form. This changed and matter and energy separated and so ‘one thing’ became ‘two things’ - this was the first evolution. After that matter became, solid, gas, liquid, and energy became light, heat and electricity and so two became six. Evolution continued, matter and energy getting more and complex until today’s universe with its myriad galaxies, stars, planets, moons and smaller bodies. Each world has a unique physics and chemistry, its own special blends of matter and energy not found anywhere else. This is the evolution of the inorganic world.
At some point in the distant past life emerged on this planet. We don’t how this happened, but we do know it only happened once, as genetics has proved that all the plants and animals on this earth are related and come from one source; probably a few bacteria – so meet your ancestors every time you eat a bad curry. Scientists have been looking for any other source of life on earth, but have found nothing. They have also been experimenting to try and create life; making up ‘soups’ of complex molecules and exposing them to various types of energy, but without any success whatsoever. So, what we can say for sure is that life is either the result of some very special conditions that only occurred once and never again, or that it came from somewhere else. The odds are that life came to earth from some other world. If this planet had the right conditions to make life once, then it is highly likely that this would happen again. New strains of life would ‘spontaneously generate’, periodically, (once in while) and these strains would have different genetics from all the rest of life on earth. Life could have been ‘planted here’ by some alien race, or it could have made its own way here on some piece of space debris. Right now your guess is as good as anyone’s.
Evolution in the animal world has been relatively straightforward. Each new type of animal is more complex and intelligent that last. Our family tree goes something like: Worms, mollusks, fish, frogs, reptiles, mammals, monkeys, apes, and primates. More specifically all land vertebrates (animals with backbones which includes most people) are descended from catfish, which were the first fish to hunt on land. The results of evolution are there for all to see; compare a bird to a worm and there has been a significant upgrade; though maybe a worm wouldn’t agree. Just think of all the things that all of the different creatures of earth can do - now that’s what I call evolution!
Each of us is the result millions of productive matings, ‘triumphant fucks’, and at each mating some ‘sperm rich fluid’ is passed between the copulators. Mating ‘fluid’, gism, spunk or whatever you want to call it, is just a special type of blood. This means that the blood in your veins is literally billions of years old, older than Dracula – in fact blood is one part of your body that never ages. Just stop for second to take in implications that; your blood line goes back to the beginning of life, but if just one individual had been infertile or died before it could mate, then you would never have been born. That is how ‘special’ you are, like the winner of winners of a million rounds of American Idols. You wouldn’t think that to see most people though would you. Now do you see what I mean about human evolution having gone seriously wrong!
So, how long has Universal Life Force has been involved in the process of evolution? Certainly since life evolved as Universal Life Force and Consciousness are basically the same thing in different circumstances - ULF is ‘inorganic’ consciousness. It’s the same with matter, there is organic and inorganic matter, like the H20 (water molecules) in a pond, or the H20 in a turtle - same molecules different location. Universal Life Force probably existed before life and is how life came to be. A lot of skeptics may want to jump in and say that the existence of Universal Life Force has not been proved. Well, that is true of Consciousness as well, you can’t make consciousness you can’t collect it in a specimen jar, but everyone agrees that it exists because we experience it from the moment we wake till the moment we sleep. Universal Life Force is something you have to prove to yourself and the exercises I am giving you are to help you do this. In the Evolution of Consciousness we are working strictly from the ‘U perspective’ - what ‘U’ experience is that counts.
The evolution of the Universe stared with a homogeneous reality that evolved becoming increasingly complicated and well organized, until now at least. My theory is that, with the evolution in human beings, this phase of Evolution is has reached completion and can go no further. The human race has reached ‘maximum complexity’ and that any additional complexity is counter productive - it makes thing worse not better. This means that in order to evolve we must get ‘simpler’ in terms of our consciousness, our lives, and our technology; we desperately need to simplify things. Making more complicated machines and societies with more and more laws and institutions is making life increasing difficult. Live is like a house of cards, keep it small and simple and if it falls you just build it again. Modern life is like a vast house of cards and is dangerous unstable. This brings us back to what I said at the start of this book:
Like Nirvana, the Evolution of Consciousness is eternal, continuous without endings or beginnings. From whatever level you have reached, you have get to the next - that is all. Nirvana is ‘homogeneous' reality.
Building fancy pyramids, and evolving ever more complicated technology instead of Evolving Conscious is a ‘Great’ but ‘understandable’ Mistake. People are only continuing an evolutionary process that is billions of years old not having noticed somewhere in the last few thousand God has called ‘half time’ and the teams must change sides.
So how do we ‘simplify our existence? We must begin by simplifying our consciousness, simplify that and everything else will follow suit. All our multiple levels of personality and sub-personality, all the ‘different’ people we become at different stages of our lives and in different circumstances is way too complicated.
Having so many personas and sub-personas is a hassle that we can do without, to a large degree at least. This is why discovering your True Self is so important. The True Self is much simpler than the everyday, or Relative Self which is constantly changing and manifesting Sub Selves. The True Self is one unified being which never really changes in nature. Like Godric Gryffindor's Sword in the tales of Harry Potter the True Self only absorbs that which makes it stronger. The True Self evolves by absorbing complicated things and making them simple - homogenizing them in fact.
I am explaining all this at length, because you must know what to do with the power of ULF before you get the power, otherwise you may do yourself and others more harm than good. Power in itself is neither good nor bad, and ULF is no exception. Universal Life Force exaggerates whatever it touches and so you need make sure that you are exaggerating only the ‘good’ and not the ‘bad’. This is the difference between black and white magic. If you gather Universal Life Force and channel it into negative emotions you will become more powerfully negative - the ‘dark side’ of the force. When you practice gathering the Universal Life Force you need to consciously channel it into your True Self. In this way you will balance your nature and improve all aspects of your being at the same time. If you channel the power of ULF into your everyday personality all kinds of negative traits that you did not even realize you had, can increase. I know this from personal experience which is why I am warning you of the danger - gathering ULF is very powerful practice and must be done properly.
What is the nature of Universal Life Force? ULF takes on many forms and blends or synthesizes with the elements of nature. It rises up with flames, and descends with lighting, flows with water, floats with the wind, and come to rest in the earth. When Universal Life Force enters plants it causes wood to grow more quickly, flowers to be more beautiful, fruits to be more tempting, roots to go deeper. In animals it makes blood richer, the eyes shine more brightly, sinews more elastic, senses more acute, and intelligence greater. Universal Life Force does much more than this, but that is something for to contemplate yourself. When the Universal Life Force enters our bodies it synthesizes with our consciousness and they become one. Our consciousness is the cohesive power that holds our complex biology together and keeps us alive and so more consciousness means, a stronger body, mind and spirit.
Universal Life Force like all living things has preferences; it is attracted to some things more than others. It is in all things and all places, but not in equal amounts. The easy way to gather Universal Life Force is to find somewhere there is plenty of to be found. Natural locations have the most ULF, particularly sheltered spots with flowers, trees, streams and waterfalls. Temperature is important too, not too hot not too cold. These rules come from basic Fung Shui, but it is lot more complicated than that. You can read up Fung Shui or you can just experiment for yourself and see what conditions give you the best ‘High’. You have probably experienced the benefit of absorbing Universal Life Force for yourself on a day out in the country, especially if you exercised as well. After a day like this you feel great and your body is much stronger and healthier than usual. This is because the power of the Universal Life Force has entered your consciousness and so everything about you stronger. If you remember that ‘good feeling’ you probably felt ‘larger’ as well. This feeling of ‘largeness’ is because when you collect ULF it fills up your True Self like a balloon. Normally, the True Self is under powered and that is why you cannot ‘feel’ it. Another good name for the True Self is ‘Holiday High Self’. Unfortunately though, this pleasant effect soon fades when you get back home. Equally unfortunate you may not have a wooded spring at the end of your garden, or even a garden at all. This means that you will have work a bit harder and ‘summon’ the Universal Life Force yourself.
Getting Universal Life Force to enter buildings requires effort, but once inside it will stay there for a while so if you practice in a room regularly the Universal Life Force will build up. Some mystics like caves for this reason as once in a cave the Universal Life Force is effectively trapped; so even if all you have is a grotty basement, then that will do. Certain objects attract Universal Life Force such as well, flowers, plants, crystals, icons, colorful pictures and fragrant oils. All the stuff you buy from the local Fung Shui emporium. How much Universal Life Force can you attract this way? It helps but don’t expect filling your room with delightful trinkets to make a big different. Attracting Universal Life Force is a bit like getting rich - the more money you have, the more you can make. Universal Life Force is attracted to consciousness and more the powerful and highly evolved you become the more ULF you will attract. Our Consciousness is an evolved form of Universal Life Force and ‘like attracts like’. This another reason why the human race is in such a pathetic condition, people don’t have enough good consciousness to attract the Universal Life Force and so sink ever deeper in to materialism, which degrades their consciousness further still. This is the same problem as with the Meaning of Life; your life has no meaning until you can comprehend the Meaning of Life.
This brings us back the ‘Synthesis of Being’ or ‘Cocktail Self’. The reason we can use tools better than any other animals is because we can ‘Synthesize’ with material objects. When you use a tool it becomes an extension of your arm, you have ‘synthesized’ with it - ‘you’ have become ‘it’ and ‘it’ has become ‘you’. The Arts, music, any sport that uses a bat, racing cars; all these disciplines require a high level of synthesis with the ‘tool’. Synthesis does not stop at the end of your ‘tool’ either, and you can ‘project’ your synthesis beyond your body; like when you throw a stone, or fire a gun, because in order hit a target you must ‘feel’ it, and ‘feel’ is a common word for synthesize. What is actually happening when you ‘Synthesize’ with something is that your Consciousness is leaving your body, entering’ the object, which then becomes a part of your Consciousness; like another ‘shot of rum’ in the ‘cocktail’. This is how Consciousness controls matter, and of all living creatures on this earth we are the best at ‘projecting’ our Consciousness, in this way.
So, our Consciousness can leave our bodies at will and ‘grasp’ on to anything it wishes to and this includes the Universal Life Force that is all around us. We can reach out, take hold of Universal Life Force and ‘suck’ it back into our Consciousness. To get plenty of Universal Life Force you need a really powerful ‘sucking’ action and this requires more than just the power of your mind. The emotions are strong, elastic, and extremely ‘sticky’ - once they get hold of something they don’t like to let go. The trick is to get the emotions to attach themselves to the Universal Life Force. You have already learned how attach your emotions to emotional keywords and Mantras so we can use an extension of this technique to hook them on to Universal Life Force. You are used to experiencing emotions as being within your body, now you must learn to extend your feelings far beyond that; this is an advanced and powerful technique.
To begin, first reach out with your Awareness, being aware of things outside the body is normal and most people have no trouble doing this. Then you follow with your Concentration which is more ‘solid’ than Awareness. Lastly, your emotions follow your Concentration and so the ‘connection’ is made. This is like shooting an arrow with a string attached and then using the string to pull a rope; Robin Hood gets into castles that way – we are to break into heaven.
Try it now: reach out with your Awareness as far as you can and become aware of the entire space around you. Next, Concentrate on the space; if you Concentrate correctly this should shift the balance of your perception. When you are just ‘aware’ of the space around you, your body feels more ‘full’ than the space. When you concentration hard on the space around you though, the space will begin to feel more ‘full’ that your body. This sensation is hard to describe, but if you practice this a few times and you will understand. You can’t Concentrate like this for long though, as after a just a little while your brain gets tired and this is another way you know if you are doing right. Try again and this time ‘imagine’ the Universal Life Force in the space. You will have to use your imagination at first, but later you will feel the ULF for real.
The next step is to persuade your emotions to leave your body and to do this you will have to use some ‘bait’; Emotional Keywords in a simple Mantra:
Love is all around Me
I am Love.

Now, pay attention, this could be the most important lesson you ever learn!

  1. Pronounce the words “Love is all round Me” and extent your Awareness as quickly and as far you can beyond your body. This is to ‘summon’ the Universal Life Force.
  2. As soon as you Awareness has reached its maximum spread, send your Concentration to follow your Awareness; try to make the space beyond your body feel more ‘full, than the space within it.
  3. Begin to contract your Concentration and Awareness together but just a little bit.
  4. Pronounce the words “I am Love” and ‘swell’ your Emotions to meet your Concentration as it returns.
  5. Suck your Emotions, Concentration and Awareness back into your body in one powerful, steady suck.

Be sure to really ‘Feel’ the Love’ when you say “I am Love”, and then ‘ratchet up the Love’ for each successive round of the Mantra. Each phrase should take 5- 10 seconds. If you imagine the rhythmic way that a sea anemone extends and retracts its tentacles, that is the kind of ‘feel’ that we looking for. Start speaking in whisper and gradually build the volume, while increasing the intensity of your emotion. When you get as loud as you wish to, go back to a whisper and build up again. At the end finishes on a long “I am Love”.
You need to follow these instructions pretty exactly; it may seem a bit ‘fiddly’ at first but the setting up the right practice habits in the first place is easier than having to keep changing them. After a while this technique will become automatic, like pressing the clutch before you change gear. Extending the emotions carelessly into space can cause an unpleasant sensation called ‘loss of soul’; if you don’t believe me try it for yourself. ‘Loss of soul’, is hard to describe exactly but it makes you feel anxious and prevents you from gathering ULF successfully. By ensuring that your Concentration is already moving back toward your body before releasing the emotions you avoid this problem. Get this technique right and each time you ‘suck’ the ULF into your body (actually into your True Self) you will get a most delightful sensation. This sensation will get better and better as you practice and in the end you will be ULF junkie like me just living for the next ‘fix’ of Divine Love. Never forget that whether your practice works or not is entirely down to the strength of the emotional connection, the emotions are what makes things ‘real’ for us – otherwise this is just ‘words on paper’. That is why I have explained how make the link in such detail; more than any other author I believe.
Understanding exactly what you are doing and why is also vital. We are logical beings and never really get enthusiastic about things we don’t properly understand. This is why I taught you about the Meaning of Life, to control internal dialog and the True Self before hand, so that you are properly prepared. Gathering ULF in itself is not a ‘secret’ the exact method for doing so usually is. If successfully manage to extend and retract your ‘Love’ then whether you know it or not you will collect some ULF. The reason you may not feel it at first is because your consciousness is not powerful, but that problem will cure itself if you preserve and you will begin to feel the ULF with greater and greater clarity.
After practicing remain seated and ‘feel’ your True Self, yourself as ‘you always been’ and ‘always will be’. The True Self is the size of your aura. You need to get ‘comfortable’ just sitting ‘being yourself’, not as you are at work, at home, last year, last decade - just be yourself pure and simple and enjoy it. This is a beautiful and valuable meditation and the awareness of the True Self is something you want cultivate, try to be aware of it all day. Do this and you will come to know yourself better, and develop wisdom as well as power.

Let’s recap.
  1. Gathering the Universal Life Force is the way to evolve your consciousness. Without it your consciousness will not evolve much, if at all, because you can’t get enough energy from just eating and breathing.
  2. Universal Life Force is a primitive form of consciousness that is everywhere, but it ‘prefers’ some place to others. ULF is attracted to human consciousness and the more powerful your consciousness becomes the more ‘attractive’ you are to ULF.
  3. When Universal Life Force enters into a living being it increases the power of that being’s consciousness and its physical body as well.
  4. Human beings are very good at extending consciousness into objects to control them. They can also extend consciousness into Universal Life Force and so gather it.
  5. To get plenty of Universal Life Force you need to ‘hook’ your emotions to it by using emotional keywords.
  6. The Universal Life Force must be stored in your True Self so that strengthens all that is best in you.

Here is another energy gathering Mantra for you to try.

Gathering the Universal Life Force from the Six Dimensions

Hold on, six dimensions? I thought there were only three. Well, that’s a matter of perspective, in scientific thinking it is normal to look at things from the outside. Take a cube; if you look at it from the outside it has three dimensions; height, width and depth. If we take the perspective from somewhere inside the cube though it has six; up, down, right, left, behind and in front. The scientific perspective is always taken from a hypothetical point (imaginary) outside the object that is being viewed. Science sees things from the ‘outside’ so that it can be ‘impartial’ (not bothered either way) and get to the ‘truth’ free from opinion. In Evolving Consciousness and many other ‘mystical studies’ the perspective is taken from the point of view of the observer. We are trying to find out what something makes us feel, our personal experience, rather than an objective (free from personal opinion) view – this is the ‘U Perspective’.
Universal Life Force is present in each of the six dimensions. Each dimension contains Universal Life Force of a different quality.

The Love of Earth is the joy of being alive and in a physical body. It is eternally youthful and vital. It gives us form and density.

The Love of Stars is inspiring and makes dreams come true. It is like dust, ‘Dream Dust’ and if you get enough of it you will become a ‘Dream-maker’, a person of vision who makes the dreams of others come true. It is also the Law, the Law of the Universe, and so lends ‘authority’ to one who holds its power.

The Love of the North is cool like water. Like water it helps you to find your way through the most difficult passages. The North brings calm and detachment and makes your concentration ‘impregnable’.

The Love of the South is fiery and passionate. It gives commitment and firm purpose. It also gives great strength of mind and body.

The Love of the West is like the wind it can travel to all places and knows all things. It also has the power to bring successful conclusion to all matters

The Love of the East is electric and it renews and revitalizes. The East is at end of Mantra as in Evolving Consciousness we must end on a beginning – such is the way of the Monad.

The Love of the Earth ………….is Mine
The Love of the Stars ………….is Mine
The Love of the North …………is Mine
The Love of the South………… is Mine
The Love of the West ………….is Mine
The Love of the East…………... is Mine

The method:
To begin sit comfortable facing East and preferably with good posture; you don’t want to call upon the god’s of the six dimensions slumped over like a geek. Pronounce the word “The Love of the Earth” and try to make it feel like you are really ‘summoning’ something. As you say words, stretch your Awareness down into the earth beneath you as far as you can, and then Concentrate on that area. In the silence between the first and seconds half’s of the phase, begin to pull your Concentration back while at the same time ‘swelling’ your emotions to meet your Concentration. Make one big steady ‘up suck’ to pull everything back into your True Self. When all of your ‘Love’ has returned, pronounce the words, ‘Is Mine’ with conviction. This will to seal the ULF into your True Self. This is exactly the same as in the last exercise.
Repeat this for the rest of the Mantra. Getting the timing nice and smooth is the key to successful energy gathering, so feel free to experiment a bit - just like making love; the technique is standard but everyone has their own ‘rhythm’.
As in the previous exercise you can increase the volume of the chant each round. Better still, if you can sing you can rise in tone and musical notation is in appendix x at the back of this book. Raising tone and volume are big help in getting your emotions connected. Once you are used to practicing out loud it is good to try without sound, and eventually without internal dialog; just feel the power! Once you have mastered all three techniques you choose which is best according to circumstances. Another advantage of saying the Mantra out loud is that you can ‘drown out’ external noises. Don’t worry if you get the directions all wrong, you can get that sorted out in time.
Gathering from the Six Dimension has many benefits. If you gather ULF from all directions at once, keeping your concentration really even on all sides is impossible. You need to get all Six Dimensions working evenly as this will balance your consciousness nicely. Another benefit is that your consciousness will be ‘sealed’ in all directions as well. Practicing gathering ULF from all sides at once is good too, as it requires less concentration and you can practice while walking, jogging, and swimming and other exercises (I shall teaching some really great Yogic breathing to use with it later). To learn this you can combine the Mantra from the previous level as shown below. Remember, in the Mantra we call the True Self, Monad. Use the energy gathering technique from this section and this will make a great a power gathering meditation. Working each direction individually and all directions at once is excellent practice.

I am Monad
I am Perfect
I am Love All Things
I am Monad
I am Perfect
I get High
The Love of the Earth ………….is Mine
The Love of the Stars ………….is Mine
The Love of the North …………is Mine
The Love of the South………… is Mine
The Love of the West ………….is Mine
The Love of the East…………... is Mine

After practicing for a few months the ‘aura’ of your consciousness will start to feel ‘elastic’ and over the years this gets stronger and stronger.
Don’t forget to use a little ‘receptive’ meditation afterwards. Just relax and be your True Self for ten minutes.